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Oct 15, 2023
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Pork fat back the best? I been going 80/20. Deer / fat. In a pinch I even used plain raw bacon….it was ok but maybe not the best idea. Sometimes it’s a pain to get fatback. What you boys use?
Ground pork butt and about 45% venison makes a decent sausage.
My local meat shop will make pork to fat in any ratio I request.
Belly fat (bacon) is not a good filler to me.
Shop for back fat year around and freeze until you need it for sausage season.
Yes, pork far is the best to use with venison sausage. See if you can find a small town grocer that has an on site butcher with a meat case. Ask them if they will take an order for back fat that they can fill during the week as they trim pork chops and such for the meat case. You should be able to get it for $1-1.50/#.
Tnanks boys - I emailed the closest butcher but haven’t heard back. I got fat back w the hide attached in the past, so hopefully I’ll hear back, if not I’ll go pork buts
I always use straight pork butt . Don't deer hunt anymore , but made these last week .
50 / 50 pork butt and brisket flat . Just a visual for lean " meat " to fatty pork at an even mix .
If you decide to use a pork butt as suggested above , grind the whole thing and mix it lightly into itself . Then take what you need . Keeps the fat evened out in the grind . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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