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meat~smoker in n.j.

Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jan 1, 2007
south river,*cat602009
this is the link to cabelas.... this is were i bought my smoker from they sell the jerky shooter`s and almost every thing else ....i`m posting this here cause i sent a reply to debbie`s new toy she got shooter..if any body use a jerky shooter ,, how do u like it ....also how do u use it with you`r smoker ???? Or do u use the special rack`s they have for the oven in the house :?: ok take care and thanks again
charlie 8)
Got mind as a gift and use it from time to time and love the meat taste. However something just does not seem right to have jerky with that texture. Still all in all it is good
i use mine all the time, my friends love the taste. i will usually make some for them only :roll: . really it is a fast and easy way to make jerky. i really dont smoke any of my jerky since i am not skilled enough to keep my smoker at 150 for 4-5 hours. i have tried it also and have discovered the smoke flavor is too strong for me. i have thought about just smoking for 30-60 min and then dehydrating.

i use the dehydrator that wal-mart sells for 40 bucks it has a fan that circulates the air, so you do not have to move the trays around for even heat. it is great.

i make a lot of jerky. i am not saying i am a master by no means, however if you have any questions i would be more then happy to help you.

one big reason i like the gun so much is because i can just get a hankering for some jerky and 6 hours later (with time to run to the store) i have some ready to eat. just mix the packets in some lean ground meat and dehydrate. with conventional style jerky it needs to marinade over night (well mine does). or at least a few hours if i am using a liquid marinade.
Hey BUzzard,
so u got the shooter ??? lol do u do it in the oven on the rack`s they have for it ??i didn`t get the jerkey shooter yet !!! I wannna knew if is wort it ,,,lol then that will be my next toy !!! ok thanks again
i have the dehydrator that wal-mart sells. it has a fan to circulate the air so you do not have to move the trays around. i love it, and it only costs 40 bucks. i make dried fruit, dry my own herbs, make fresh fruit roll ups, but mostly jerkey.

if you want to invest in a jerky gun, i would suggest getting the one that wal-mart sells for 15 bucks. if you dont like it you ur not out that much. its small so if you like it you will out grow it quickly but it beats not llikeing the expensive one. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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