First Umai capicola

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Jan 25, 2014
I got myself all set up to make my first ever batch of Umai capicola.
All went well until the clean up.
I noticed my second piece that was sealed with my FS had a blown seal and wasn’t under vacuum.
I immediately cut a new bag to fit and transferred it to the new bag.

During the transfer there was already meat juices in the bag and the insides of the blown bag had crystalline grains of salt still on the inside. I scraped what I could but it was fruitless to get it all if any.
At this point I don’t know what amount of cure #2 was still remaining on the meat.
its been in cute for an hour now.
anything i could have dine differently? anything i can do now?

Pic is of the 3 all sealed up.


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Would not worry about it if you got all you could out of the old'll be fine...
There still was wet salt still on the sides of the blown bag. Thinking about it I should have just put the blown bag into another bag and vacuumed that and left it as it was.
I guess I’ll know when the drying part starts if it starts stinkin. Lol.
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As said , you're fine . I just finished one a couple weeks ago .
Remember when you transfer to to drying bag , crinkle the top of the bag where it gets sealed .
Crinkle the bag , add the vac mouse , then put under vacuum .
Take your starting , and target weight . I always write the date down too .

Also , make sure of your fridge temp too . I like 36 degrees , but you want it between 34 and 40 . 36 / 38 is a good temp . Gives some swing room .
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