First time pork spare ribs w/ Q-View

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Nov 16, 2010
Rogers, AR

When I first put them in my MES 40


After three hours in the MES.... Getting ready to foil..


Right after foiling was done... I put a little glaze on them... Looking finger licking good... Smelling even better (if that's even possible...LOL)



Ribs are done now... I got a lot of shrinking..

Now... for the money shot...


Look good.. Nice and tender... But not much of a smoke ring!?!?!  I have noticed lately that I am not getting much of a smoke ring on the meat.  I don't know what I should do...  I have tried using TBS and thick white smoke... Neither make a difference.. 

Anyone have any advice?

Tanks for looking!

I agree.. The meat has great smoke flavor but I was just curious why it doesn't get a smoke ring...  Maybe i need to take the water pan out for a portion of the cooking? 
Just curious,  why do you think the water pan would effect the smoke ring?


I was thinking that by drying the meat a little it would absorb more smoke thus give a more pronounced smoke ring... Kind of like if you have a flour sack towel... you put it over your mouth and breathe through it... You can breathe fairly easy... Then wet the same towel and try to breathe through it again... It is much tougher to breathe through...  Because the water swells up the fabric and makes the weave tighter and restricts airflow. 

Anyway, that is my theory....LOL  Whether or not it makes any sense I don't have a clue!

I was just thinking that by taking out the water pan for the last hour or two would do two things: 1) Create a better bark on the meat, 2) dry the outside of the meat slightly and create a smoke ring...

I will have to experiment next time I do a smoke.  Let me know if anyone has any thoughts on my "theory".
The water pan is a heat sink, meaning it keeps the temp in the smoker more stable. Some say it also adds moisture to the meat. You are not going to get a smoke ring with an electric smoker. You can try by putting a couple of pieces of lump charcoal in the chip pan with your chips. However I have found that it does not work very well. I have a MES 40 & have been trying for 3 years to get a smoke ring with no success. I also have a WSM which of course produces a very large smoke ring. If you ask some of the guys that burn just wood they will tell you that the woodburners produce the best smoke ring. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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