First time doing boneless pork shoulder for pulled pork with Q/View

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Aug 4, 2012
Mount Vernon, Washington
I normally do the bone-in butts but someone had mixed up the batch of boneless and bone-in at the business center Costco and I was in a hurry and grabbed a two-pack of boneless weighing in at 16lbs. I didn't notice it until I got home. I was a little concerned since the meat is sort of butterflied/spatchcocked and I was worried if I splayed it out on the smoker the smaller chunks would cook way faster than the bulky parts.

So I rubbed my homemade rub all over it and tried to roll it up a bit and get it positioned on the smoker just right to keep it all bunched up. I also added some extra brown sugar to get a nice sweet bark on it.

I got the smoker fired up at 235° with Kingston Blue and some cherry and pecan chunks. I love my Pitmaster IQ110 unit. No muss, no fuss. Literally set it and forget it. Perfect for those long overnight smokes especially. Between it and the Maverick remote thermo's warning alarms, I feel comfortable falling asleep without worrying about temps. It sat on the smoker for about 13 hours. I woke up at 7am and it was at 195°. Perfect timing!

I have not foiled any of my butts, mainly because I am lazy and I really like the bark too. All of the butts before I cooked to 205° and let rest a bit then pulled. They were always good, not overly moist but that's where a good finishing sauce comes in. This time I pulled it at 198° and then wrapped it in foil and stuck it in my cooler wrapped in blankets for over an hour.

It was still super hot when I went to pull it. This one was so moist and juicy and extremely flavorful. The others were good but this batch was on another level. Previously I had SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce which I love so this time I did JJ's recipe. It was a bit too tangy for me so I added some extra brown sugar to mellow it out a bit. Once the meat was pulled into my pans, I coated with the finishing sauce and just a hint of of Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce. I have yet to make or try any others that come as close as Sweet Baby Ray's sauces. The Sweet N Spicy one really compliments the finishing sauce and pork perfectly. Tangy, sweet, spicy, smoky and porkalicious.

We're going to have it for dinner tonight on some thick chewy rolls topped with coleslaw and served with a side of macaroni salad. I have a ton of it so it will be eaten three times a day for a week or more. 

Extra brown sugar suits me just fine.

After about 7 hours or so. You can see my new heat shield doing it's thing on the bottom rack.

You can see the folds where the bark couldn't form. It was falling apart as I pulled it off the smoker.

Love that bark!

Wee bit of a smoke ring but a whole lot of flavor!

A sample or two before it gets packed away until dinner.

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Looks like a fine job to me - nice smoke man 
Mighty fine looking butt there!

I usually do boneless butts (I can get them cheaper here at Cash and Carry than bone-in) so I feel your pain.  I bought some butchers twine and now I tie 'em up.  I just try to oput them back in the same shape they were before the bone was cut out.  Works well and holds them together a bit better when I pull 'em off the smoker at 200+.

Yours looks world class to me.
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Man that looks great. Try a picnic. I like the taste better than butts and your guaranteed a bone. Lol
Thanks for the compliments. I will have to pick up some butchers twine. 

Honestly though, this was my best batch of PP. I was going to try a picnic cut but they didn't have any. I will also have to stop by Cash N Carry and see what's doin over there. Their prices are usually a bit better than Costco, but Costco's meat always seems tastier.
I buy my meat for bbq almost exclusively from Cash and Carry.  Not sure why, actually, maybe I'm just in a rut.

C&C has picnic roasts too, FYI.

I'm doing a smoke this weekend.  Not sure what yet, but I've got a taste for some thin blue smoke flavor. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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