First spatchcock

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I always think that spatchcock chicken looks so sad when they are being prepared... Like the pigeon toed girl with braces and glasses sitting on the side chairs at the school leavers dance. Once cooked though, they become the bell of the ball. Tasty looking chicken 
Wade, I didn't know you knew my wife at school.... I'm so glad she doesn't read these.
The chicken on the other hand was very yummy
Note to self, don't make any more spatchcock, the wife loved it and wants me to do more so she can take it to work for her lunch [emoji]128020[/emoji][emoji]128020[/emoji]
Steve - that is sooo you

I have had one printed several times over the years - unfortunately in ever increasing sizes !!!

I had the first one printed long before the phrase was later stolen by Mythbusters :-(

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I don't care mate as long as people chat in the forums I don't care

Forced into doing 2 more chickens and some pork ribs next week,well not really forced and my meat slicer's on it's way too 
, oooh look work emoji 
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