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  1. The weather is finally good enough to get the smoker out here in the northeast(no more 6ft. snowbanks and 30mph winds). My mind raced as I considered what to smoke to start the season- baby backs? chuckies? rib roast? My wife chimed in with her suggestion- 'Why don't you get rid of all of the stuff that is crowding my freezer?' Decision made. Here is the lineup:

    1 rack of spare ribs

    1 rack of beef ribs

    1 bottom round roast

    3 packs of boneless chicken thighs (not shown)


    I went with a basic rib rub for both the spares and the beef ribs. I coated the roast in L&P thick worch. per Bear (I think he owns stock in L&P) and sprinkled with a simple beef rub of kosher salt, CBP, onion powder, garlic powder, and thyme. I also cut slits in the roast and inseted slivers of fresh garlic.


    I trimmed out the spares to a St. Louis cut and removed the menbrane from both the beef and pork ribs.


    The next morning I removed from the fridge and prepped the roast to go on first. I also prepared the thighs for brining in Tip's Slaughterhouse Brine. I also used the Slauterhouse Sprtz on the ribs and thighs.


    Started the roast first and when it hit about 120 I put the ribs on.


    I took the roast off at 137 (probably should have taken it off at 127) and let it rest. At 2 hours for the ribs I took them out and foiled. Instead of adding a lot of liquid this time, I opted for some extra spritz I put the thighs on when I put the ribs back in.


    Ribs after they came out of foil on smoker for another hour or so.


    The roast went in the fridge after resting and I sliced it the next day




    1. Both ribs had a firmer texture this time- I think this is because I used very little liquid. This was a very good thing.

    2. I was only able to remove 1 membrane on the beef ribs. I suspect this, coupled with the less liquid, is why I had a lot less pull back on this rack- also a good thing.

    3. The brined thighs were fantastic- thanks Tip.

    4. While the roast was great cold, when heated for french dip sandwiches the meat got tough. I think this is because it was not rare enough. I would not do another bottom round again.

    Thanks for looking.
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    You need to slice the roast very, very thin and let simmer in juice for a good while.  Makes fantastic poboys if allowed to get tender.  Everything looks fantastic,  I have never done dino bones before, I don't see them very often down here.  Thanks for the Qview and enjoy.
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    That's a great way to get things started, clean out the freezer! Nice smoke. The round does look a bit done however, and slicing it as thin as you can helps too. I'm more of a chuckie fan and like to pull them for sammies.
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    You had to throw in a rack of "Dinos", didn't you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  [​IMG]

    Got any closer pics of those Dinos?   [​IMG]

    I know you said you weren't going to make another bottom round again, but I think it would be much better if you could slice it thinner. I know---hard to do without an electric slicer.

    Thanks for showing,


    On Edit: Wow!---No replies there, when I started typing---Then mine ends up 3rd! My one typing finger must be half asleep!
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  5. All- A slicer would have helped a ton. We didn't buy the bottom roast for smoking, it was sold to my wife by an unscrupulous butcher who had ran out of chucks and said this was the same thing. I figured I would try it. I am a huge fan of the chucks. Sorry Bear- I didn't get a money shot of any of the Q. We had neighbors coming down and my wife has a strict' No Taking Pictures in Front of Casual Friends and Neighbors' policy. She doesn't want to scare them away. Just kidding, my camera is on the fritz and it was time to eat! The dinos were by far the winner of the 'Most Improved' category. I don't know if it was the cut, less liquid in the foil, or perhaps the fact I only kept them in the foil for about 1:15 instead of 2 hours.

    Thanks for the comments.
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    The bottom round is a good cut of meat for sammies sliced thin as everyone has said, but if you look at yours you will see it was cooked to done on the outside, which means the heat should have been lower. If it was cooked properly it would have been pink from the outside edge all the way to the middle. Here's a shot of one I did. This is a sirloin tip, but the principal is the same.

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    Looks like a great feast!!!

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