First ribs since moving - w/q-view & vid

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Feb 5, 2010
St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
Finally got the time to get a couple racks of ribs and get them smoked up...first batch since moving to the islands.  The villa is equiped with a kick-butt Wolf gas grill, so I decided to toss in the A-Maze-N-Smoker and 3 racks of ribs.  Rubbed them up with Jeff's rub, added a mix of hickory and apple dust and fired that mother up!



I'll follow up with a finished version when I get to that stage!
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I'll come for a visit!! The place looks awesome! nice and relaxing for sure,,,couple of drinks by the pool,with the view and the smell of sweet smoke in the air!!!
Is anyone hiring aircraft mechanics down there?? Looks awesome!

Are you running one burner for heat or is that ams that hot??
Love the video!!

Nice place.

Who is the pale chick by the pool???


Man oh Man I bet that is a sweet place to live and you do what again?? Now you did get a pretty sweet grill there to. Hey there Craig that white girl is his mom she came down for the weekend.

first off...sorry, no pics of the finished product. 1-because it got a bit crispy on some of it (which worked out great as one guest LOVED ribs that way), and 2-we ate it all up!  The grill is a Wolf brand, and I was running the left side ceramic thing-of-a-ma-bob (technical term) on low, and the far right burner on low (which burned the one rack of ribs a bit), with the water pan (yes, it has it's own) full of water, and the AMS in the middle towards the back.  Held temps steady between 220 and 240.  Started at 2pm and foiled them and set in the warming drawer at 6:15.  Tasted great (except the few burnt pieces), good pull to the bite and the guests were happy.

One of them was not a rib eater, but once she tried a few pieces of the spare part...she was hooked!  Unfortunately, had to go to St. Thomas to buy the ribs at a place called Cost-U-Less (which should be named Frustrate-U-More...$33 for a 3 pack (like Costco or Sam's Club would sell).  Nice smoke taste to it and went well with the margaritas. 

The white chic are these statues (4 of them) that someone thinks is a great decoration for the pool deck...that someone is NOT me.  Those little witches keep butting in to the photos, but since they weight about 200 pounds - I'm not moving them!   My mom is taller, but just as white!

When my friends came over, they said they could smell the smoke as they drove up. Gotta be a strange smell for the neighbors as I dont think anyone smokes on St. John - at least not wood with food!  Sure was nice to get some real ribs in me.  Learned that I don't need the 2nd burner on to keep the heat, but I do need to get a rib rack.  Ah, the things I should have brought with me!!!!

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Went right back at it today and did a package of already cut spare ribs...just because I could. Much better!   Good Q and an ice cold VI Summer Ale - good combo indeed.
BigNick - what are you looking to do while on vacation?  That kinda depends where i'd suggest going.  Also budget is a big factor here as St. John is spendy.  

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