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first kraut attempt (with pics)

Discussion in 'Canning & Storage' started by ralphed, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. ralphed

    ralphed Fire Starter

    Hi all;

    Thanks to Tom (Mr. T) for advice on salt content and his tutorial. It fired me up.

    So I goes out to the farm and gets 50+ pounds of cabbage for 10 bucks (8 very large heads) and found a 10 gal crock at the local old stuff store. Next time I'll get smaller heads or a very large knife. It's hard to break down that stuff with an 8 inch chef knife.

    I spoke to a few people around here about salt content and very few admit to measuring salt, they just sprinkle some on as they layer the cut kraut into the fermenting vessel. The ones that did use 1# for 50# cabbage. Tom uses about half that, so I split the difference and used 12 ounces.

    I also used REAL SALT from Utah. It's unrefined and similar to the pink Himalayan stuff. I have a few issues with nutrition because I take Prilosec so I started using unrefined salt to get the minerals in my diet. It may affect the look of my finished kraut, but I can live with that.

    Here's some pics of how I did it:

    My homemade muddling stick. Bought the ball at Lowe's, it's got a piece of threaded rod sticking out of it. I can take it apart to clean it. They had a larger size too.

    Cabbage inside crock, crock inside galvanized steel can. A piece of window film tucked down around/over crock and bungeed in place. Glass jar with marbles as weight. Lid in trash can is also a very tight fit. Got the can up off the concrete floor on some wood planks.

    I'm going away for a few for thanksgiving. I'll have to give the neighbors a heads up in case they don't see me for a couple days and wonder about the smell coming out of my basement.

    Comments welcomed!

  2. ralphed

    ralphed Fire Starter

    I wrapped a towel around the top of the crock to keep cleanup easy. Didn't want to get any cabbage/juice down inside the can.

  3. dougmays

    dougmays Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    is it done yet? [​IMG]
  4. ralphed

    ralphed Fire Starter

    I had some on New Years eve and it still needs to ferment more. Really mild and crunchy. I used 12 oz Redmond Realsalt and ended up with about 43 pounds of cabbage.

    It's only in the low 50's temp in the basement.

    I have had no mold on it at all. We'll see now that I have dipped into it. I think it's because of the way I covered it and the low temps. I think the cover is acting like an airlock. The fermentation gases push out the air down into the outer can, which also has a tight fitting cover.

    That's what I'm telling myself right now.