Pork shanks

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John Russell

Original poster
Aug 27, 2019
Annapolis, MD
I’m new to the forum. I’m planning on smoking a couple of pork shanks today at around 250 degrees. I’m thinking a few hours on the smoke then pan wrap & braise with apples, kraut, & beer. Any idea how long I should expect to become fork tender?
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If I haven't said it before, welcome to SMF!

Time will depend a lot on the pig the shanks came from and the braising liquid. Could be a couple of hours up to 3. Either way, they'll be great!
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Where do you get pork shanks? I used to live near a butcher who sold them, but cant find them here
Welcome aboard! Post up some pics when you do them. I can't ever find the pork shanks around here.
You’re kinda talking a smoked osso bucco… if you smoke to 160ish IT I would plan on another 2 hrs (maybe 3) in the braise though give yourself some leeway either side. I also recommend tying the shanks with butchers twine so they dont fall apart until serving time.

Oh, and welcome to SMF!
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How do you like your 270 smoker. I'm cooking the shanks on my 270 "Hollywood". I also have the 270 "KC"

D'Artagnan online
I love it but rarely use it anymore as I love my Lang 84D most. I just can't bring myself to sell it lol. They are cream of the crop for charcoal cabinet smokers imo.
D'Artagnan online
Thank you!

I actually finally just yesterday found a solid butcher not too far away (30 minutes - which isnt bad considering we don’t live in town). They had everything you can imagine, will cut anything to order, been there 62 years, etc. it was heavenly to finally find one here.

at our old house there was one close that was almost as complete as this one. And im sure there are several in Denver, but proximity and selection matter and this place nailed it.
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