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First Cook On Mini WSM

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bbq train, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. First time posting on forum, this is my first cook on my mini wsm. Beef rib roast, pulled at 136F, IT for Sunday dinner

    BBQ Train
  2. kathrynn

    kathrynn Legendary Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Looks delish from here!

  3. pgsmoker64

    pgsmoker64 Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member



    That looks amazing!

    Nicely done!

  4. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Fantastic looking first cook on the mini-wsm! You're going to love that little smoker!
  5. Wow! First cook is a Rib Roast! Not much room for improvement from the looks of it. Very nicely done!
  6. gary s

    gary s SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Man that looks great, wish I had some

  7. flyweed

    flyweed Smoking Fanatic

    so give us your thoughts on the mini wsm..how's it hold temps..what temp did you set at?  How much charcoal did it consume?
  8. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    It's almost set it and forget it in mine once I get to the temp I want to be at. The longest I went on a single load was 7 hours. I've been using mine for over a year now and live it. Nite that the 7 hour cook was middle if winter and only 33* outside.
  9. Just like dirtsailor2003 said lite it and forget it. I loaded the mini wsm with charcoal and use the minion method, about 12 hot charcoals. Top vent open and adjust bottom vents until temp settled at around 265F. The temp remained stable thru out the entire cook of about 3 hours and 40 minutes. I was really satisfied with the mini wsm performance an especially the amount of charcoal used. It Is very efficient and I will definitely be using it on other cooks.

    BBQ Train
  10. Very nice!! ;-)

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  11. ronrude

    ronrude Meat Mopper

    Nice looking chunk of meat! I have 3 smokers and my mini is quickly becoming my favorite for most cooks.
  12. mdboatbum

    mdboatbum Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Beautiful looking roast!! I remember when my mini was all bright and shiny. Seems like only yesterday....

    If you haven't already made a charcoal basket, it's a good addition to the mini. On mine anyway it provides a more even burn and it'll go longer on less fuel. It'll also let it get to a higher temp if that's what I need.

    Congrats on a great first smoke on your new smoker!!
  13. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    Looks Great!!! I love some nice rare beef!!!
  14. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    I'll second that! Really simple to wire one together using the charcoal grate and some expended. Or weld it together.


    Version #1. Wire tied together (still after a full year working just fine!).
  15. gary s

    gary s SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Looks good to me, I use a basket also  ......

  16. Very nicely done!!!
  17. flyweed

    flyweed Smoking Fanatic

    very nice....Well I decided to pull the trigger (on building a mini wsm)...I saw the ones for sale, and can't see paying that much for one. After all, I have a smokey joe gold edition sitting here gather dust in my garage..so I have already ordered the 32qt stock pot, an extra grill rack, and stuff, and will be stopping by the local DIY store to get the stuff to build/weld together the charcoal basket.  I am figured for about $55 or so, I'll have my own new little "mini wsm"

  18. gary s

    gary s SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Tried anything else ?