First brisket in a while...

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Nov 3, 2013
Massapequa, NY (Long Island)
Since I am off for the Jewish holidays and he weather was kind of crummy, yesterday seemed like a good day to smoke a brisket. I had an 8.5 pound brisket flat which had a nice even thickness and 1/4 inch fat cap.

Seasoned it up with SPOG:

Cooked it on the PBC with Kingsford Natural Lump Briquettes Mesquite . I think this is discontinue but I found it in Stop and Shop at half pice a few months ago. Smells nice in the bag and while cooking. It's basically kingsford competition/professional studded with mesquite chips. Also mixed some hickory chunks in the coals.

Got to about 160 in 4 hours and looked like this:

Into a hotel pan with some beef stock and covered with foil. From here I put it in the oven since it wasn't getting anymore smoke.

It probes tender at about 198:
Took about 2 hours in the foil so a six hour total cook, the PBC is a fast cooking machine. Foil toweled and coolered it for about 3 hours until dinner time and sliced up:

Plated it up with a blue chees cauliflower purée (doing the low carb thing).

Wish the pics were better. This was one of the best briskets I have cooked so far. Tender and moist and nice and smokey even though it only saw 4 hours of smoke. Made a great breakfast this morning when I threw 3 over easy eggs on top of a few slices with some melted cheese.

One of the best techniques I learned somewhere on this site is to save the foiling liquid, de-fat it in the fridge while the brisket is kept warm, reheat the defatted liquid and dip each slice in that liquid before serving.
Thanks for looking!

Mmmmmm looks awesome!
Looks great and hang tough on the Low/No Carb eating. It's not easy...JJ
Looks great and hang tough on the Low/No Carb eating. It's not easy...JJ
Thanks JJ.  The low carb eating is tough.  I don't think I am going to last too long but it was a desperate attempt to lose some of the summer weight put on by a lot of liquid carbs haha.   I lost about 10-15 pounds and some inches in a little over a month, just don't think I can live like this as much as I love food.  I've always had great success on a balanced diet with portion control, just thought I'd try something drastic this time since this summer's weight gain was more than it has been in quite a few years.  I fully blame you and every other member of this forum hahaha is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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