First Brisket fat cap down

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Jun 4, 2011
I saw

the thread about smoking fat side down. I decided to give it a try yesterday.Smoked a 13 pound packer in my UDS using a rub of SPOG fat cap down. Was ready in 13 hours with an IT of 195. I wanted it for slices.I thought it turned out great. Forgot to take pics of the burnt ends.
Just heard back from some of people I gave brisket to.They said it was the best brisket they have ever had. Very moist and the right amount of smoke. I guess I am sold on fat down.
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Brisket looks great.  As far as fat up or down, it really depends on your heat source, especially in RF smokers or UDS, the heat is coming from under the meat, fat side down allows you to protect the meat from the direct heat source under the brisket.  Personal preference first, type of smoker second.  
Thanks Bruno, you are absolutely right. I read the thread about fat side up or down. That is why I tried it because I have a UDS. It made sense since the heat source is direct, that the fat would protect the meat from the direct heat. There are so many ways to smoke to get to the same great final product. It all comes down to whatever works best for you and your smoker.
You got it Bigr, you have to find the way you like to cook it and how your equipment does it best. I personally like tender, well seasoned meats, so that's how I cook 'em! Some like the meat to have a bit more chew and substance. Take tips and advice off this forum to tweak your product, but in the end it all comes down to what you and the ones you cook for like!
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