Fireboard woes continue...

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Feb 1, 2012
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Well the saga continues...

History: Last cook the controller croaked in the middle of it.
Screen black, couldn't press anything. Flat out dead.
Wendy sent me the faceplate first (has the knobs in it) but didn't help.
Then she sent the controller. Replaced it and it came up. "Thought" all was good again.
Didn't cook anything to do a thorough test.
It's been a few weeks an did some ribs today.
Always have had problems with RTD being 15-20F higher than pit temp.
After pit was at Set Temp for a while the RTD would settle down and be close to what a grate probe said

So with the new controller, it is about 70F or more high and does not settle down.
Couldn't figure out why it was taking so long to do a rack of ribs.
Put two ambient probes in one from port 1 of the FB and one from my Thermoworks Smoke.
In hindsight, I should have put them right next to each other, but didn't (about 8-10") apart.

With pit set to 320F and RTD reading 312F the others read the following:
FB Port 1 probe: 221F
Smoke: 247F
Tel-Tru in lid: ~268F

Sent Wendy email an hour or so ago, but she's probably gone home.

__Fireboard App Probe Temps 2024-05-06.jpg

Hard to see, but it's 247F
__Thermoworks Pprobe Temp 2024-05-06.jpg

__Tel-Tru Thermometer 2024-05-06.jpg
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Have you checked calibration on both again? I would do that to make sure you know which one is accurate.
Standalone Fireboard or built in? Knock on wood my Gen 1 standalones have been very reliable
It's part of the grill.

Have you checked calibration on both again? I would do that to make sure you know which one is accurate.
Yes, check the Thermoworks regularly, don't depend on Tel-TRU or any Fireboard probes.
Really doesn't mater too much in this situation.
RTD thinks it's at least 60F higher than and the highest of the three probes.

The RTD in the LSG has never worked right.
The one in it now is a replacement for the original and no difference.

Have to wait to see what Fireboard comes up with. They can remote into it and look at stuff. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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