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Best of Luck, Norm!!
That's one of the very few things I haven't had a problem with.
Hoping you're back in action real soon!!

Best Wishes. Been down that road twice myself. My ab muscle opened just above my navel. About a 4" of an old incision let go. Dr. Looked and poked and said if it dont bother you, leave it be. Been 10 years now. There is bulge like half a Tennis Ball but no problems otherwise....JJ
Thanks everyone for the well wishes.Really can't wait to get this taken care of.

Timing was decent as I'd be pissed to miss the whole Spring run of stripers/blues.
Well this sucks.The pain is pretty bad and using "the facilities" is difficulty to say the least.Hope these issues pass quickly as I'm quite miserable at this point.
Norm that sucks that you are having pain issues. Do as they say don't lift anything heavy be careful
When you posted "finally" I thought you might be Canadian.
Do you have girdle (binder)? Buddy had hernia surgery a year ago and the girdle is his best friend.
I have a hernia that isn't urgent
Still can't go to work and the boss can't get hire anyone to cover.By the time I'm ready to go back to work once again the work won't be there as we're already losing scheduled jobs because no one wants to work. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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