Finally.... Brisket!

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  1. Thanks SMF... I present to you my qview from this last Saturday. Whole packer, this was just the flat, but it was cooked as a whole, came out like buttah I tell ya! Used some off the shelf Salt Lick BBQ spice for my rub, pecan for the wood, and Royal Oak Lump. The rub was ehhhh.... Work in progress, got the cook down, now I just need to work on the flavah...

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  2. worktogthr

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    Wow! That smoke ring belongs in a magazine! Congrats on a great brisket!
  3. Thank you, I was quite surprised in the penetration, it was probably 3/8ths or a little better most everywhere.
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Looks like you nailed a challenging cut...JJ
  5. mike5051

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    That looks tasty!  Points!  [​IMG]

  6. Great job.  Meat looks on point.  What type of cooker did you cook it on?
  7.  Great job. Congrats.

  8. smokinal

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    Nice job! Looks delicious!
  9. Thanks for all the compliments!

    It's a CG DUO 50/50, I added the side fire box, so that might actually be considered a TRIO. It was a gift from my wife so I'm gonna stick with it for awhile.... I've got the Gasket Rope, RTV, and 2 more therms I plan to install at grate level from, but I'm waiting till spring to do the mods since I'm not sure if the RTV will cure correctly in the cold weather. I use an iGrill 2 for my internal temp probes, for this cook they tracked beautifully, the ambient probe I ordered has been on backorder since Mid Dec, so the only one I have right now is the stock lid therm, it said 225 but who knows what I actually cooked it at...
  10. slipaway

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    That brisket looks fantastic. What changes are you looking at for your rub? Sometimes the simple ones are the best ones.

    You may want to start with the basic SPOG and kick it up with whatever moves you.

    Great job.............
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    Nice job........................[​IMG]
  12. Thank you!

    Flavah.. It wasn't bad, it was down right tasty and even better on day 3 after it mellowed. But the wifey mentioned that it was too "peppery". The rub was something I found at the store, 'Salt Lick BBQ Original", all it says is Salt, Pepper, Cayenne, and Spices. I think it was the Cayenne that she didn't care for, I didn't notice it specifically but it was definitely unbalanced favorably to the pepper. We're a GF kitchen ( actual medical reasons not the latest trend type ) so mostof the premix stuff I see in the store is out of the picture, this is one of the few that met the requirements (although I see now that it doesn't specifically say GF) so I tried it. 
  13. chef jimmyj

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    When it comes to Rubs, making your own has benefits. Mostly, commercial rubs are loaded with Salt...Salts cheap, herbs and spices cost. You can tune any recipe to you and your wife's liking. I like heat my wife has zero tolerance so I keep the rubs mild and add Blk Pepper and anything else with heat at the table. No family member of mine has issues with Gluten, Bread and/or Pasta is eaten daily. But some of my frequent guests suffer from Celiac Disease so I am well versed in needed modifications to any of my recipes. For Beef there are many options. Going as simple as SPOG  to a whole variety herbs and spices, including Regional American and International flavor profiles. A search for Beef Rubs will yield many options...JJ
  14. drewed

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    You can use a food probe for smoker temp.  Just clip it just off the rack with a binder clip or stick it through a hunk of wood with a hole drilled in it.

    Nice smoke, now comes the hard part... do it again!
  15. lemans

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    Omg it's a beautiful . How much did it weigh and how long a cook?
  16. That smoke ring is simply majestic. Nice looking beef
  17. lemans

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    And I know how hard you worked to keep the temps even . I have the same rig and it really requires a lot of watching to produce that beautiful brisket
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    Look great man!!
  19. 14.4lb before trimming, I took some notes from the Aaron Franklin series on You Tube for trimming, except for the OCD parts he has about streamlining for airflow and such, I would have to guess on the actual cook weight was maybe a pound and a half or so lighter. Cook was 12 hours within a few minutes, rested in the cooler for 2 more, supper was 530 on the dot.

    You know that's kinda funny.... It was dark and below 20deg, I partied with friends till 1AM, started the fire at 2, meat went on at 3, I had an alarm wake me up every hour to check the temp and fuel. It just kinda went like clockwork. This was the only cook I haven't hovered over and so far my most successful...
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    Standing ovation!!!  Nice brisket. b

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