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I havent done venison but my fave for the other three are a mix of apple and hickory. Probably more apple for the chicken than hickory but for pork and beef prob a 50/50 mix of apple and hickory
Venison--Pecan or Cherry
Of course that's just my tastes and different people will have different tastes
If I could only have one wood it would be Pecan then Oak followed by Cherry then Hickory, Apple
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Meat- Pecan
Sausage- apple


Pork and chicken: Hickory
Beef: mesquite
Lamb: cherry/pecan mix (only did this once, but was delicious)
Never done venison
The Pellets I smoke with are a blend of Hickory, Maple, Cherry and Apple...Perfect Mix. When using Chunks, I go with Hickory and/or Apple...JJ
What is your favorite wood to use when smoking:


Pork - 60% Hickory, 20% Cherry, 20% Maple
-Bacon - 30% Hickory, 70%, Apple, unless doing 100% Hickory bacon
-Sausage - 30% Hickory, 70% Apple

Beef - 100% Mesquite
Chicken - 60% Hickory, 20% Cherry, 20% Maple
Venison - 50% Mesquite 50% Maple
Salmon - 100% Alder

Testing a new dish/meat - 60% Hickory, 20% Cherry, 20% Maple
Favorite All Purpose Can't Go Wrong Wood - 100% Maple (yep Maple NOT Oak)
-This is for a middle of the road wood that I would use on anything or for people who don't want too strong but still want good flavor

I think that covers it!
Poultry and fish -> Apple or some other fruit wood.

Beef and Pork -> Hickory or Maple w/some apple

Cheese -> Apple

Pork hickory
Beef oak
Chicken cherry
Venison pecan
Bacon apple
Fish alder
To avoid any confusion, I use Hickory, Hickory, Hickory, and Hickory.
I couldn't discern one species from another, and can only distinguish the strength of the Smoke. The strength of Hickory has always been my favorite.

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I have never smoked venison. My favorite all around has to be pecan. Oak is currently gaining ground though. Hickory and cherry are a really nice mix for pork. For chicken I like Apple or cherry. Sometimes a combination of both fruit woods. When I do vortex chicken I like a little mesquite. The short cook time gives a nice open fire flavor to the chicken.
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