Fajitas for 75.

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  1. Alright gents so let me recap they cookout this weekend. So as usual I volunteered to cook at our Company Summer Party. The menu would include beef, chicken and shrimp fajitas.I was using my new trailer unit with the Santa Maria grill, griddle and steam table. I had fellow SMF member "ammatursmoker (Andy)" helping me on the grill along with another co-worker. Lets start of by saying everything was running flawlessly meat was cooking great, was able to use the steam table to make spanish rice, refried beans, shrimp and more. Everyone was finding their rhythm of cooking with others, we were working out the kinks of cooking on a new unit and then....

    First the heavy winds, the thunderstorms blew in and then worse of all as the DJ announced food was ready, it happened "as I was sliding the beef fajitas into the steam table slot 20 lbs of beef hit the ground"!!!

    I froze.... everyone except me was running to pickup the meat from the grass, instantly I ran for the backup meat in the cooler. Pulled it out and pasted it off to Andy to get cooked. As we gathered our composure a new announcment from the DJ came over the speakers chicken and shrimp fajitas are ready but you will have to wait a few for the beef. Within a few minutes and some quick slicing of the fajita we were able to pump out the meat quick enough so no one missed it.

    On a side note, the meat that hit the ground I am pretty sure ended up getting ate anyway against my recommendation.

    Otherwise great weekend.
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    Ahhh, the five second rule, it's all good!

    Put it all back on the heat for a few and burn off the mud and dirt. If I didn't let my kids eat dropped food when camping they'd never eat!
  4. I know right. It was interesting to say the least. Learned of a few minor modifications that need to be made to the trailer, learned how things need to be setup next go round and sequencing the food and cooks. 

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