Extreme Hot & Fast in electric smoker

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Aug 19, 2022
So I have an electric smoker and have smoked a fe briskets low and slow in the past. This time I have the desire to smoke a brisket extreme fast and hot. I have a 20lb brisket to smoke, and want to do it in one day by dinner time. Has anyone used an electric smoker for the initial cook to get some smoke, then finished fast/hot in an OVEN? Wondering if it will work as well as what I've seen in some posts here using a smoker for the whole process.
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Agree with SmokinAl SmokinAl .....have your oven preheated so there is no temp loss in the brisket and finish it off there. After a few hours of smoke....BTUs are BTUs,

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I use the oven to finish almost all of my briskets . This one was started on a pellet grill , but the part about using the oven will be the same . Just scroll down until you see where I bring it in to wrap . I've done a fast finish , and also a low temp hold . This one is a high temp finish .

Once it hits 180 or so I wrap it in foil and into the oven, no point burning pellets or charcoal etc. just to finish the cook in a smoker as it's wrapped in foil.

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