excited traeger owner

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 17, 2007
Ogden, Utah
Hello to all

I couldn't wait. Everyone I talked to out in this area (Utah) said that if I purchased a traeger I would never regret it. There is several people to get advice from around here relative to the traeger. I am still looking forward to getting alot of help with types of smoke, seasoniong, sauces and general rules. I have subscribed to the 5 day course. More questions coming
Congratulations on getting your new best friend. Between this forum and your local support network, you'll be a smoking guru in no time. Looking forward to your posts regarding your adventures. And welcome aboard.
Welcome Phinfan! You will like the traeger, I'm gonna be doing corn, mushrooms and reheating turkey I smoked yesterday on mine. Very easy to smoke on a traeger.

Any questions I'd be glad to help. BTW, which one did you get? Digital thermostat? What pellets do you have now?

Another traeger owner! Some will give ya heck, but it is all in fun.

Great bunch of people on this forum!
Welcome to the SMF!
Big Al's been looking for another pellet pooper to talk with
I tried steaks tonight. Ribeye, with traegers beef shake, alder pellets, the majority of the time I was using the med. setting. The steak was tough, but very tasty. Maybe it was the meat in regards to the toughness. Ant suggestions for my next steak adventure? I got the 2007 model of the 075. digital control will be an upgrade for me later. I also got pecan pellets. I will also get different pellets in time. I plan to try whole chickens next, any tips?

Marinate your steaks in vinagar and oil based marinate. Italian dressing works well. Throw in a bit of soy sauce, brown sugar and ginger and it tastes like teriaki!
Traegers beef shake is high in salt, so go easy on the steaks.

Don't flip the steaks but maybe once or twice at most.

Practice, practice, practice

225* digital thermostat is worth every penny, imho.

Chickens - BRINE!!! I always brine birds, unless they came in a solution. Buy fresh. I like to spatchcock, but it is just a personal pref.

Good luck w/the birds!
Big Al said a mouthful ........... Brine your Bird, what a treat.

Phinfan, be a proud poppa and post a pic of your new baby! I'd like to check it out in action.
Welcome aboard,

For your next test try pulled pork almost a guarenteed winner. (It is a bit more forgiving due to the high fat content)

Make sure to include the finishing sauce and you will not be diappointed
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