Ed from South Louisiana

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analog assassin

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Apr 16, 2007
Hello here, I'm Ed from down in bayouland. Yep, a true cajun.
I'd been using an electric smoker for a while that I inherited, but the element died and I ordered a GOSM. It hasn't come in yet.
I see that you advertise some for Breaux's seasonings, I haven't heard of that here although Breaux is a common name in these parts.
We really get a lot of mileage out of Tony Chachere's cajun seasonings for meat and seafood. Has anyone heard of this stuff?
Great to have another cajun here! I have to travel some distance to eat good cajun food, unless I make it myself.

Glad you found the site, great people, great info!

I've heard of Tony's but have never tried it. Guess I better put it on "The List", it's getting longer and longer.

Keep a camera handy, we love food pics!
Greetings analog assassin,

Welcome aboard! I also have a GOSM and I really do enjoy it. I also have a stick burner but for the convenience, I'll go with the GOSM ...... especially if I have several other tasks going on at the same time. The GOSM just requires a lot less attention than a stick burner. There may be a slight sacrifice of flavor but not too much.
Anyway, keep us posted as to how you like it. And GOOD LUCK!

Glad to have ya here..Tony's is popular up here as well..
use a gosm too ...great smoker...ask all the questions you need to...someone will have the answer for you...
Welcome aboard, Ed! I also use a GOSM and I promise that you will be delighted with it! And I have also used Tony's for quite some time!
Happy you found us! You're gonna love it here!

Welcome aboard Ed. Glad to see you here. Please share with us your wonderful experiences of smoke. Keep in mind there are many great folks here with a wealth of knowledge who are willing to share should you have questions.
Ed here again.
Got a question about the GOSM. Does it use a lot of LP?
And I have a char-broil gas grill that I can buy an optional converter to use natural gas.
Can the GOSM also be converted to use natural gas?
Don't know about converting to natural gas. My GOSM runs about 30 hours on a 20 pound LP tank.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!



P.S. - I also have a spare take that I keep full in case I run out in the middle of a smoke.
30 hours on a 20# tank seems to be the average I get also...BUT...it never hurts to have a spare tank...ya never know when your going to need it...
welcome to SMF.... a big hello from Michigan... i use Tony C's everyday... is one of only things i can get around here to remind my of LA, spent most of last spring and summer in the Slidell area and cant wait to get back there
Southeast La., little town called Lockport in Lafourche Parish. About an hour's drive from New Orleans.
Howdy Ed, I'm Jim and I live in Houston. Tony Chachere's is as common on the table as salt and pepper here. I can throw a rock and hit Louisiana from here and there are a million coon-asses who live in this area. (for you Northern folks, that is NOT a derogatory term!) Honestly I like to use Zatterans Craw fish boil in most anything, it has a superior Cajun flavor in my book. Glad to have ya and Let the good times roll!
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