Dutch Oven Recommendations

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Original poster
Nov 29, 2019
Denver, CO
I’m looking for recommendations for a quality dutch oven.

It would be even better if there’s a Dutch Oven with a cast iron skillet combo.

I’m looking at making some over the top smoked chili as well as a smoked meatloaf soon.

Thank you in advance.
Here is a DO combo without the the long handles. You might be able to find it at better price elsewhere.

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I'm betting your best bet would be going with lodge cast iron. Or at least find out the cost of new. Granted you could find a used one for less money but doubt there's much for garage sales going on in your area now! Lol. Besides, if you look on ebay, every piece is rare or vintage!

I guess I was a bad boy this year! Had our rendezvous club Christmas party yesterday and I got a box of coal.


With a cast iron pan in the bottom! Now I have another project!

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