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  1. WisconsinCampChef

    Dry aged prime ribeye reverse sear with pics

    Thought I would share a few shots of dinner tonight. Over the weekend we had some friends over to do a steak test. We pitted snake river farms bone in cowboy against the local butcher shop’s prime boneless ribeye and their bone in dry aged ribeye. The snake river farms was the largest by far...
  2. Alphonse

    Roast on a Yoder YS640s Pellet Grill

    I've had my Yoder YS640s for a little over 2 months now. I bought it because it is built like a tank and has a FireBoard PID controller built in. I have cooked on it numerous times now and have learned how to use the beast. I do have several other options to cook a roast on (kamado, stick...
  3. YoderGuy

    My YS480s on the Competition Cart is shipping soon

    This will be my first Yoder, I have been a Traeger owner for many years, and a GMG Daniel Boon user the past couple years. (because that is all I had left) I lost both my Traegers in the Tubbs fire of 2017, along with everything else. So I decided, to treat myself to a real quality, Made in the...
  4. I

    Yoder YS640 for sale Inland Empire $975.00 FIRM

    Hey guys, i have a YS640 built in Nov 2014 for sale. Has some rust from sitting outside. I have high heat paint to go with it. Ever since i got my Auber PID fan for my charcoal smoker, the Yoder has been sitting. Yoder is a great cooker and i learned all about smoking by watching Malcolm Reed on...
  5. soonerbeachbum

    Help. Yoder YS640 vs Rec Tec 700

    Howdy everyone I need some help deciding on a pellet smoker. I've been considering purchasing one for awhile now because of the convience of setting and forgetting with a busy schedule. Now I have a newborn and my 4 year old so my time tending my smokers are limited for the next few years so the...
  6. scout110

    WTB yoder 640

    Looking for a used yoder 640 in the st louis area.
  7. Scott Eisenbraun

    Prime Rib - Low & Slow?

    Cooking a 6.5lb bone in prime rib today for out of state relatives. (My old fishing and hunting partner) I have always done prime rib in the house oven at 325f. I have decided to use my Yoder pellet smoker this time for a different take on this special piece of meat. Used the search bar for...
  8. TonyBones

    I'm an idiot. Disregard lol

    *Problem solved* Nothing to see here. I was reading threads from you guys over the past week and made up my mind late last night to purchase a Rec Tec 700 "Bull" today. Well, I'm an idiot and should have hit the order button last night. Yesterday the price was $1158. Today the price is $1498...
  9. N

    New offset smoker, opinions needed

    I have a propane vertical smoker already but I am interested in a new challenge in the sense of an offset stick burner. I am mainly between the Yoder Loaded Wichita with the heat management plate, and the Johnson Customs Compact Patio pit. They are both around the area for cooking space I am...
  10. FernandoJr27

    Yoder Smoker in NJ

    Hi everyone, I'm new to bbq smoking (about 2 years) and I have 18" Webber SMS , and a Dyna-Glo vertical off set smoker. I'm looking to upgrade my Dyna glo because it has too much leaks and the fire box started to flake off the paint. My question is does anyone knows where I can get and Yoder...
  11. Parker Rothman

    Want to buy a Lang Patio or Yoder Patio Stick Burner

    Im located in San Diego, Ca.
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