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  1. wesir

    Fireboard drive vertical cabinet smoker recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a vertical cabinet smoker on the medium to higher end that can be used in combination with a fireboard drive to maintain temperature. I was looking at an Ironside CDR with the pellet assist but got a response to some questions I asked saying they're no longer...
  2. S

    Rain rain rain

    Hello, I just acquired a FireBoard 2 Drive with a fan. The FireBoard is water-proof but what about the fan? Do you leave your fan in the rain? Is it isolated as well? If not, how do you isolate it from the rain ? Thanks for the tips. DB from Belgium
  3. WisconsinCampChef

    Dry aged prime ribeye reverse sear with pics

    Thought I would share a few shots of dinner tonight. Over the weekend we had some friends over to do a steak test. We pitted snake river farms bone in cowboy against the local butcher shop’s prime boneless ribeye and their bone in dry aged ribeye. The snake river farms was the largest by far...
  4. idsmokethat

    Fireboard vs Tappeque (Or other options)

    Hello all, I have used an iGrill2 for the past 4 or 5 years and am ready to upgrade. Bluetooth doesn't reach my entire house, so it's difficult to watch a football game on Sundays and monitor my smoker unless I leave my phone halfway up the staircase... I feel confident that I want to go with...
  5. U

    Fireboard or Flame Boss controller?

    Hi I am quite new to the forum and am jn the market for a controller I have narrowed it down to two items based on availabilty and some research fellow smokers what do you recommend for a controller? Fireboard with additional controller cable and added varible speed fan(purchased extra) it also...