Dried Beef Pop's inspired/ with photos

Discussion in 'Beef' started by chilefarmer, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. With Pop's help we did it.

    I love dried beef, but those little glass jars at $3.00 each ain't gonna happen.
    I like to make and eat SOS on some big 'ol biscuits. Now I can, made my own. Not cheap but sure is good, finished cost $7.15 pound. Better than $3.00 for 3 oz. jar.
    Used eye of round beef, very low in fat. Cured for 10 days in wet cure. Smoked for 8 hours, light smoke. Anyway here are the results. Hope you enjoy the tour. CF

    In The Smoker





    Freezer Ready

  2. Beautiful and tasty looking [​IMG]...details please?
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    Alesia, the recipe that chilifarmer is refering to is Pop's S.O.S-Smoked Dried Beef recipe. Sure looks good; I'm going to have to try it for myself! 

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