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Oct 4, 2012
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Using Sous Vide to get a dedicated Sous Vide Sub Forum????


Add me to the club!

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I dont have mine yet bet am looking to get one soon, have been looking on the site and it would be nice to have the sub-forum to help make it easier to look for suggestions, opinions and how to use the devices.

But that is just my 2 cents.
You can count me in.

I've been cooking SV for several years using a variety of methods and devices. Most recently, it's been with an Anova immersion circulator for the past 3 years.
Think that's a great idea. Just got mine, but I've used it several times.
Actually, most things I've tried, I searched for or stumbled accrost on SMF.
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I would like it. The only way I've combined it with smoking is with Pastrami, but I'm sure there are lots of possibilities. It's a fascinating way to cook and I've used the ANOVA at least once a week for the last two months. After all, this forum is really more than just smoking meat..,
would you kindly explain what it is ?..... at 1st  i thought it was one of those things you talk to and it operates your computer
No sub forum.   Then I would have to get one.    HA HA HA

I agree its a good idea
I just sent the boss a message to see about having a section for sous vide
It would be great to have a dedicated place for Sous Vide. Right now the Sous vide posts get lost in the other forums.

This is the same reason I asked for the Mini-WSM forum and the discada forum.

Allows quick access to those using those methods of cooking.

I see a bunch of people using Sous Vide and we need a place to post so we can find the post easily.
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