Desperately need advice!!

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Feb 1, 2014
East Alton, Illinois
Hi I am new to the smoking game and need serious help. I have a 9lb pork butt I need to have ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow and I have to work 6pm-6am tonight. I don't believe I will have time to get it done by game time starting at 7am. Can I have my wife start it in the oven on a low temp early in the morning until I get home to get it in the smoker and still have it come out smokey and good?? I am using a Cajun Injector Electric smoker. Thanks for any help!!
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I would prefer  you start it in the smoker today and then let her finish it in the oven.   You  have an electric smoker so you can get 3 or 4 hours of smoke on it before you leave for work wrap in foil and let her place it  in the oven.   I am sure she can watch it while you are gone if need be. 
In your situation I'd smoke it today.  Get a good 5-6 hours in the smoker with wood then transfer to the over to finish cooking it (or let your wife finish it in the smoker).  Pull it out and don't pull it when it is done.  Foil it and put it in the fridge.  About 3-4 hours before the game, put it in the oven with a little apple juice or finishing sauce covered in aluminum foil at around 275F.  Get the temp back to ~160F, remove from the oven, and then pull it.
Thanks guys for all the advice guys it's really appreciated. Is it possible to set the smoker at 275 to get some good bark and smoke for 5 or 6 hrs on it at first and transfer to the oven at 275 or a little higher to finish and still get a good result??
Hello.  The guys are right.  Yes you can smoke at higher temp.  I would go for 300-325 in the smoker.  Once you remove, foil and put it in the oven I'd go for 250-275.  The foil MIGHT kill some of the bark but the end product should be great.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

Ok guys I decided to put the butt in at 4:30 pm today set at 225 and smoke it until I get home at 6:30am. I got the wife adding chips and spraying it with apple juice every 2 hrs until bed time. And she is getting up through the night to check on it. Hoping not to over cook it, I am shooting for the 200-205 temp range for pulled pork. That would be about 13.5-14 hrs on the smoker by time I get home. Wish me luck I hope it all works out, this is my first butt.
Ufert, just a thought for future smokes. You can smoke a butt long in advance, pull it pack it in a ziplock, and then throw it in a crockpot with just a little finishing sauce the day you need it. I actually prefer it that way it allows the finishing sauce a chance to be absorbed. Doing it this way, at your convenience beats the heck out of hurrying or wrestling with a deadline. You are guaranteed a perfect smoke, plenty of sleep, a shower, serving whenever you want, and a smile on your and your brides face.

I nearly always cook a head and use this method and I swear by it. I just pull it, I do separate the good bark separately and I put it in a bowl byb the crockpot. Pulled I add a touch of finishing sauce before closing the bag. When I pull it out and put it in the crockpot I may add more if needed.

Just a thought. I don't have an understanding wife..... 
Lol thanks for the great idea I will definitely try that it sounds great. That would help take a lot of the pressure away from a tight cook. Next time I will be better prepared. I am hoping this butt turns out good for the game tomorrow. It's a 9lb butt and I put it on at 4:30pm at 225 so I am hoping by time I get home at 6am it's in a good spot and not over cooked. That will be about a 13.5 hr smoke
Just as a side note:  I'd hang on to that gal.  Sounds like you have a keeper there.  
  Of course you should still take full credit if the food turns out great and on time.  
  Keep Smokin!

Thanks Danny I took your advice and took full credit!! Lol just kidding my wife played a big part in the pork butt being awesome!! It was done in time and delicious. Now if I can figure out how to post pics I will. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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