Demon's boneless and bone-in pork shoulder

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Meat Mopper
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Jul 5, 2023
A little lapse in judgement, I didn't notice one shoulder was boneless and one bone-in when I bought them. I was excited at BOGOfree (8.50 for both WIN-WIN for me). I've never done a boneless before, and it's been 15yrs since I had to tie up a slab of meat.

In the smoker at midnight (250*) in a pitboss pro 850. Pitboss competition pellets. Meat church honey hog seasoning. Cherry dr pepper, apple juice, butter, honey hog seasoning injection. I got the alarm at 8am for both shoulders. I was worried about the different cook times, but the smoking gods were looking out for me I guess (about time!).

Wrapped at 8am. Leftover injection, 1/2 stick butter, and honey drizzled on the shoulders, then wrapped and back in the smoker. Set the alarm for 205* to pull and rest in my oven for 2hrs if I can last that long. 20230710_232336.jpg 20230711_000340.jpg 20230711_075515.jpg
I have some corn on the cob, beans, and asparagus going on after I pull the shoulders to rest. Looks like an early lunch/dinner
Yes definitely!
That's liquid gold 😃 and use it as a finishing sauce or mix it with you fav BBQ sauce for a real kick !

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