Day of Sauce Making

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    I have a batch of The Honorable Gary's barbecue sauce and also a batch of Carolina sauce on the stove today. The house smells amazing.

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  2. Thanks for the Title Nothing like the house smelling like vinegar and BBQ sauce at least till your wife gets home

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    Gary, my family loves it! But in our house I finally gave it a name instead of "The BBQ Sauce" or "Gary's BBQ Sauce".

    My wife's one family group are Italian and live in NY state. I know, so cliché. Anyways, their word for marinara or any type of spaghetti sauce, etc... is "Gravy".

    "Yo mom, pass me the gravy!" (With your best My Cousin Vinnie voice)

    So in commemoration or her heritage and her awesome family, may I present Gary's BBQ Sauce's eastern edition, REDNECK GRAVY.

    With two bottles of 'Lina Sauce.


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