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Discussion in 'Pork' started by rhino82, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Well I figured I'd dive right in and ask for some help. I've been looking for a source of Danish ribs for quite a while and have little to no luck. A friend of the family has a restaurant and has been able to get a hold of then once or twice from his meat guy, but I have never been able to find a good source. For those of you that haven't had a danish rack before it is a WHOLE different experience. These ribs are extremely lean with very little fat and when done right the meat will slid off the bone clean, but remain whole and not mushy. I have heard some rib purists poo-poo them, but for my $$ they are the best thing going. So, anybody got a good source?
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    Price is high, but I guess if you have the craving and can't find them anywhere else.....................I don't know that I am purist, but I don't like those things [​IMG] ...........but more power to ya.......hope you can find them near you at a good price.
  3. Man, that is pretty $$. Just curious, but why don't you like them Joe?
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    Pretty much for the same reason you said that you like them......they are lean, lean, lean........fat = flavor [​IMG] The couple of times I tried them seems more like you are just buying a stack of bones with just enough meat to keep them from falling all over the place. I'll stick with the spares.
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    My question is, what do they do different in Denmark than we do in the U.S. in rasing pork? I figure babybacks are babybacks whether home grown or imported.
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    I wonder what they do with the rest of the pig.........where are the danish butts, bacon, etc............Hmmmmmm.........
  7. Dutch, I thought all babybacks were created equal as well until I had these. I agree with Joe that there is not a ton of meat on these ribs (mainly just between the bone) and that they are extremely lean. That being said all the racks I have had had a great flavor. I have no idea what they are doing over in Denmark, but it adds an extra rib!
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    there was a article in the Des Moines Paper bout the changing ways of raising hogs here in Iowa.......damn near the pork capital of the werld.........they are starting to raise hogs with MORE fat now......instead of the lean hogs of years past.........Quality resturants on both the left coast and the right coast, are now asking for more fat........like FBJ said.....fat = flavor.........and those folks on the coasts are now asking for fatter cuts of pork.........


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