HALP, Ribs &football on a cold day

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Jan 20, 2024
Hey Yall! New here, and new to smoking. Got a cheap offset smoker trying to smoke some ribs for the games later but i can't get temp up! I've been sitting at around 190 but can't go past that. Using briquettes and hickory chunks for the heat source. It's about 34F outside, first time smoking in the winter do yall have any suggestions??
If you have a welding blanket or a friend who does, just drape it over the CC & keep adding charcoal & wood. You will need a big fire. Good luck & keep us posted! Also there is no shame in finishing them in the oven!
Howdy and welcome to the forum from New Mexico.
Looks like you've got some good answers already.
Appreciate the help! All my vents are wide open, and i have a probe set up on the grill. Update, i've added some more heat (briquettes and wood chunks), and we're moving in the right direction.
LBK, I second Al's suggestion about the oven finish.Get a good smoke flavor outside and if the temps don't cooperate or you're freezing then move inside.
Welcome from Hawaii! We are on the same plan today. Got my offset going for smoked carnitas and watching football. Hope your cook goes Awesome!!
Yesterdays cook was a success, appreciate all the input. After about 6 hours hovering right under 200, i decided to hang my hat and finish them in the oven since i had some chicken marinating i needed to grill too. The ribs came out delicious, good smoke flavor, although i feel that may have been a bit overcooked, i pulled them at 195 and let them rest for about half an hour. This was my first time using an offset smoker, happy to get my feet wet but i definitely learned a few things today. I think the most important was being mindful of all the factors into a good smoke, weather, equipment, wind etc... Good Margaritas and a pretty good football game made our first cook one for the books. Cheers Yall and happy Sunday!


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