Craigslist Vacmaster VP112 find

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  1. lancer

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    Hello All

    I was engaged in my periodic trolling of Craigslist and came across a Vacmaster VP112 an hour away.  It was advertised and having only been used to seal a few bags in an aborted venture so I drove over to look at it.  It was in the original box and was pristine without a scratch, scrape or spot and I sealed a bag to test it.

    So, $220 later it and a case of 3 mil 12x14 bags were in the trunk.  It's now on one of the baker's racks in the pantry next to a receptacle so we don't have to move it to use it.

    With the filler plates:

    And, without the filler plates:

    and now all I need to do is convince my wife that buying cases of a thousand or more of each of several sizes is "saving money".....

  2. Nice find!!!!

    ...and good luck with convincing... [​IMG]
  3. foamheart

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    That's easy, give them to her for Mother's day!
  4. lancer

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    Foamster, she's too good a pistol shot for me to want to give her anything "domestic" for a present.  I've got a buddy who gave his wife a vacuum cleaner for her birthday.  Nancy told me she was going to shoot me if I ever did something like that.  [​IMG]

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  5. Great find at a great price!  I picked up the 112S a couple months ago and couldn't be happier.  You're going to love it.
  6. smokinal

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    Great score!


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