Couldn't Stand It, " Ribs Today "

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gary s, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. After reading about brisket , rib'sand pork shoulders. I had to go ahead and smoke some ribs. Temp is in the low 70's wind about 20 mph a little cloudy  pretty nice day.

    I'll post some pictures in a bit, got in a hurry and didn't take any during the prep, oh well you see that before. Usualyl I fill up my smoker, but today I was in the mood for ribs also have some sausage I'll throw on in a bit.

  2. dockman

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    Don't forget your beverage!
  3. Thanks Dockman   
  4. Picture of 3 racks of ribs, and trying to get a picture of the thin blue smoke, not ideal conditions for smoke picture, using lump charcoal and hickory

  5. Didn't realize how bare my racks look,   Should have filled it up !!!    Spritz every so often with apple juice.

  6. tr00ter

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    There's still Time!  Maybe a couple whole chickens on there as well?  :)
  7. I am going to put on some sausage, And I looked in the pantry, found a couple cans of pork-n-beans grabbed them an onion some bacon and other stuff and we'll have some baked beans too. Wish I would have grabbed a couple of chickens, but oh well,  That will probably give me an excuse to fire up the smoker again real soon. Hadn't done pork shoulders in a while, maybe a couple of them, a brisket and a couple of chickens.

  8. tr00ter

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    I like the way you think!  If it fits, it cooks.

    That and you have wonderful Texas Weather so you can do a bit more cooking this time of year than me.

    Good luck, and hope to see some Qview of all the goodies.
  9. Last week at this time we had rain, sleet and ice in the 20's  today in the 70's   Thought I would take advantage of the nice weather, we are suppose to get rain tomorrow or Thursday

  10. Onions and bacon, Beans and other stuff  and on the smoker, sausage will be coming up next

  11. O-K sausage is on,  (Notice how I kinda spaced everything out so it doesn't look so bare)

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    I'm digging your smoker. I like my WSM but wish I had that much grate space. Oh and dinner is looking delicious!!!
  13. You better hurry, long drive from where you are,  Ribs probably want last long.
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    Haha. Yeah it's a bit of a drive from snowy PA...
    Wish my teleporter wasn't in the shop getting a tune up!
  15. Just an update, I foiled my ribs, put on a little more lump charcoal, I bought an 81/2# bag of lump at the local grocery store. Pretty good charcoal not the best or worst I've used, I did ask the store buyer who made it (packaged under their name) he was curious why I wanted to know, told him there was a website that rated lump charcoal and wanted to see where theirs fell. So far I have used not quite half a bag and two splits of hickory and maintaining 225º. Probably will unwrap before two hours and finish open    3-2-1 method    more like the 3-1 and see today
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    Those beans will fall thru the grill when you try to BBQ them, and you burn your fingers trying to recover then from below.
  17. Now you tell me !!!!
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    Looking good to me!
  19. Getting Close

  20. smokingohiobutcher

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    Oh how I dream of 70* temps outside![​IMG]

    those ribs smell great!


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