Covering prime rib with butter?

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What does covering covering a prime rib with butter do? I’ve seen it done, but would think the butter would just melt to the bottom of the smoker in minutes.
Keep it more “moist” and shiny appearance to it, instead of a dried outside …. I add butter on my tenderloins and baste my pork butts at the very end of my cooks… I’ve added melted butter with seasoned salt to a lot of meat like basted on right before I pull it more of a visual and mouthfeel than anything in my opinion
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I've never done anything but a light binder (i.e. Worcestershire sauce) to hold seasoning. Not adding anything else to the exterior gives you the crust you want. Butter the meat after slicing, for sure.
The fully smother pics I have seen is a great way to waist 10 bills worth of butter……

A much better thing would be to make some clarified seasoned butter to dress the slices up on the plate or au jus cup….. just make sure it’s hot if you pour it over the meat….if it’s cold it will turn it gray…..
Lots of good info. Thank you all. Picked one up and saw this trend and figured I’d question it. Will just follow Bear’s steps as I’ve used that for past roasts and they’ve all come out great.
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