Chuck roast enchiladas and spicy rice

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Jun 12, 2019
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Greetings all,
In what is seemingly becoming a go to meal around here, we had chuck roast enchiladas for dinner tonight. I started with about a 2# chuckie and seasoned it up with salt and pepper (50% pepper, 25% kosher salt, 25% Lawreys).

Into the KJ Jr it went for a few hours at 250-275. The wife isn't a huge fan of smoke and since this was going to be shredded for enchiladas anyway I just used JD lump alone. At the stall I pulled it off and sat it in a Dutch oven with some store bought chile sauce. Let it get nice and tender in the oven, pulled, and then assembled some enchiladas.
20220227_121150.jpg 20220227_132120.jpg

These went into the oven for a bit. In the meantime I was already working on some rice. Super simple. I just cooked some brown rice in chicken broth, then added it to a pan of onion, garlic, jalapeño, and a can of fire roasted tomatoes. Let that get all friendly for a bit. By that time the enchiladas were ready.

20220227_165400.jpg 20220227_165950.jpg

All plated up and ready to eat:

These were really good. The jalapeño I used must have been one of those spice bombs because it really carried the spice through the rice. But it was a good spicy and not overpowering.

Well thanks for lookin all!


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Id sit down to a plate of that any day of the week!.. Ive been doing chickies in the insta pot just to have for quick taco nights... Your anchiladas look fantastic!!..
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Haha! Looks great! I was just going to post a beef Chuck enchilada! Hm. Feeling awkward about it now! Yours looks awesome!
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That's a beautiful chuck roast, love the color you got on it! Now I'm hungry for enchiladas!

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Those enchiladas had to be good! And that rice looks delicious too! I’d have no problem tearing that up. I like panning with enchilada sauce too, makes easy and great meat for enchiladas, tacos, burritos, tostadas etc etc.
Many thanks for the comments and likes, everyone!

Haha! Looks great! I was just going to post a beef Chuck enchilada! Hm. Feeling awkward about it now! Yours looks awesome!
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