Chuck Eye Steaks with Peppers and Cheese

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Meat Mopper
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Jul 31, 2007
Glenburn, ND
The main players - Chuck Eye steaks, Tatonka Dust, Uncle Gary's Gourmet Peppers, and mexican shredded cheese.

Steaks smoking with the tube smoker @ 150° for 1 hour.

On to the grill gates getting a couple minute sear on each side.

After a quick sear, pulled the steaks off the flames and added the peppers.

Next up - adding the mexican cheese.

All served up with some brussel sprouts and garlic toast.

Money shot!! Holy steak heaven!! We generally don't top our steaks with anything but I wanted to do something different. The flavor of the steak with the seasoning along with the peppers and cheese paired perfectly - it was amazing.

Great looking "smothered" steaks!  Chuck eye steak was my favorite "value" cut of steak.  The ones I get are as tender as a filet!  Last year I could get them cheap, like $3.99/lb.  I guess the word got out and now they are $5.99/lb on sale, $7.99/lb regular price. 
You had me until the brussel sprouts!  Otherwise, looks great!
that's where he lost me, but the steak and peppers look great.
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