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Yup, It all started when surgeons started gluing body parts back together.

I'm waiting for the Gorilla Glue at Home Depot to add it to their display.

Gorilla Glue:

#1  For Wood

#2  For Metals

#3  For Plastics

#4  For Meats

That is scary to say the least!! I eat my beef black & blue. From what I can find, meat glue is approved by the FDA. Does anyone know different?

Never again will I purchase a round chunk of meat wrapped in bacon.

What about those boneless turkeys shaped like a football? Would they be okay if fully cooked? I have thought of making pastrami while eyeballing them things in the freezer case.  

Great thread.
I bet those fillets wrapped with bacon in a plastic 2 pack are glued. They seem so cheap, I guess I know why. 
Yeah sorry

Dididnt post it to gross anyone or PO anyone.

Just thought it was informative.

Hey its prob safer than other things we eat that we dont know about.
Thanks for the link Nepas. I actually find it interesting and might give it a go. but it's a little pricey. I always wondered how they could make them boneless hams all the same size and shape, and the fact that you couldn't tell which way the meat grain was running.
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