Cedar smokehouse construction

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i have been watching the build since you got started.   it
. i'm planning a build kinda like that.

can't wait to see some smoke. i see many years of great Q in your future.

happy smoken.

Well I couldn't stand it anymore! Fired it up yesterday just to see smoke running through it, had a real small fire. I took a short video with my phone and uploaded it to YouTube

I've seen guys "cure" wooden smokers. Not really sure what this accomplishes in a wood smokehouse?? Do I need to do it? How long?

I should be done with the smokehouse this week.

Well, I went against my better judgement and the advice here.  I made a bigger fire in the firebox today (6 days after laying brick).  I started hearing what sounded like simmering water in a pot with the lid on.  Then the top of the firebox started steaming, I thought it was smoke at first.  The mortar started getting damp.  Looks like there still a bit of mortar and probably fireclay thats wet under the surface and the fire was pushing it up.  It doesnt seem to have caused any damage.   Im starting to think that I should of built the top of the firebox differently.  I used three 16 gauge steal plates as lintels.  Then a layer of fireclay on top of that and then mortar and brick.  The sides of the firebox are protected with firebrick, but not the roof.  And it gets pretty warm to the touch.   What do you guys think?

Here's a clip I took with my phone: 
You mentioned that the top of your  firebox is getting hot, how hot? Is your main concern heat lose or the fact that someone might burn themselves? I have a friend that had a similar issue on his the sides were hot too. His main concern was heat lose. So he buried it earth to add an insulating barrier. I should clarify that his was to a cold smoke house. His main concern with losing the heat was an efficient burn, not getting heat to the smoke chamber.
If the firebox gets hot, open the door on the firebox....  the smoke house will continue to draft, pulling in smoke, and the heat should escape out the door opening....   A wood fire puts out TONS of btu's...   
Outstanding build.

You will need to season your smokehouse. When i built mine i did a season for 3 days before i smoked anything.
I like the finished project!  It turned out very nice.  Now, for the pics of the meat hanging! 
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