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Calamari Stuffed With Salmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Non-fish Seafood' started by leah elisheva, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Happy weekend you beautiful smokers!

    Here's a look at my Saturday breakfast...

    These get sprinkled with black truffle sea salt and black pepper and olive oil, just before serving. DELICIOUS!!!!!

    And here's a little look "behind the scenes" at how those are made! Enjoy! Cheers to you!!! Make today delicious! - Leah

  2. kryinggame

    kryinggame Smoking Fanatic

    your breakfast includes wine? Wow! :biggrin:
  3. Good Morning Dear Kryinggame and happy Saturday to you! Thanks tons for watching!!!

    And YES indeed, during one day of each weekend, I do prepare my main meal in the super early morning - 5 or 6 - compared to my usual time when I do make that during the rest of the week - 8 or 9 - and so some vino is indeed involved, (I'm not driving after all on that fun day) and it does make for a very festive brunch!

    Meanwhile, seeing as I wake at 3 on each day, without an alarm, it feels like it's noon already, and so perhaps a pot of pasta is now in order.

    BIG CHEERS to YOU! And happy Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!! Make today delicious!!!!!!! - Leah
  4. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Loved it,never occurred to me to stuff calamari with salmon. I do a Vietnamese version with lemongrass ,ginger & the usual Asian suspects mixed with minced pork or chicken or fish. Or a European version,Sicilian really, orange zest,parsley,onion,breadcrumbs,pancetta,pine nuts & raisins.
    If I had the salmon you have it makes perfect sense.
    Rose much maligned by those who got off to a bad start by drinking that over sweet stuff.
    Lovely with fish if you get the right one.
  5. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Looks great as usual Leah!

    Mic I'd be interested in seeing your Vietnamese version too!
  6. disco

    disco Legendary Pitmaster OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    This would be so much better than what they call calamari in the restaurants. So often it is overcooked and rubbery. I will give it a try the two times a year the local supermarket gets it in. I do admit, I would be more likely to go with a shiraz. I find the slight acid leaning goes so well with salmon. Of course, I am a wino.

  7. Hello Leah.  Being a South Texas country boy, fish on the grill/smoker is sacrilege.  NOT ON MY GRILL!  It just ain't my thing.  The threads you have started recently look REALLY great!.  YOU ARE WEARING ME DOWN GIRL!  [​IMG]  Keep goin with the great posts.  Keep Smokin!

  8. Well Top of The Morning To You Great Smokes & Blokes!

    And here's to one fabulous Sunday!

    Moikel thanks so much! And YOUR version of calamari DOES sound great indeed too!

    I agree with Dirtsailor therefore, and by the way Dirt, here is a big cheers to you too! (I so enjoy your posts as well, and am just in awe with what you and all the others on this great site do create)!

    Danny, thank you tons! I'm happy to know that my morning madness is serving up well! T'is better to be "charming nuts" than the other kind of crazy, yes? Thanks for your nice support!

    And Disco - I agree! Many reds would be fabulous with that - although that dry rosé matched the temperature outside so well yesterday, making it prime for plucking and pairing. My liver therefore, (Or: "It Which Must Be Obeyed"), therefore opted for pink!

    What else? Let's see, today I am eating all of my leftover salmon-tomato-caper filling; and in a salad that has enough chopped raw garlic to keep both vampires and neighbors away, in tandem with producing a five star caliber of flatulence which I'm reserving bragging rights for, if I so may!

    Meanwhile, make today delicious and Cheers to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
  9. foamheart

    foamheart Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I seriously love squid & octopus. But around here you just don't see it. You keep throwing those squid out there, it's  just not fair. Of all places there used to be a restaurant in Dallas down in the theater district had the best bouillabaisse. Got where they'd load it up with squid for me....LOL

    As to having wine with breakfast, its just like Wheaties! The breakfast of champions, better living thru chemistry. I like coffee with liqueurs, why should wine be any different?

    Thanks for sharing as always, your foods are all memory provoking and/or inspirational.

    Believe I need a fresh coffee w/ Tia and Baileys to celebrate such a great looking meal.
  10. Thank you so much Foamheart! And Happy Sunday!

    That bouillabaisse you speak of must just be sensational!

    I love entertaining with a huge pot of cioppino! (Getting up early to make it, and stir in each layer, just becomes so downright beautiful, passionate, and fun)!

    Cheers to your morning as well! A fine time for great libation and food indeed! - Leah

  11. karzapart55

    karzapart55 Fire Starter

    Leah, I do believe im in Love. Great vidios  Goin to try the stul

    ffed calama  for Christmas Eve.  Doin the traditional 7 fish.  Manga!
  12. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    Man I miss smf! And greatness like this is why Leah! Beautiful!
  13. Thank you so much Mikey!!!! And Karzapart55!!!! Your traditional Christmas Eve dinner sounds delightful!!! Cheers! - Leah
  14. trikefreak

    trikefreak Smoke Blower

    Spectacular presentation, loved the video, and hope we get to see more! Another foodie that wakes at 3am.......................ahhhhhhhhhhh. Gotta try and finger out what that blog was that you spoke about, would be cool to see more.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
  15. Thanks so very much Trikefreak!

    I posted a Smoked Monkfish video today, and a Holy Mackerel (smoked mackerel) one last weekend. My next video will post next Sunday in the non-fish seafood section.

    Meanwhile, thank you tons and tons! I am delighted you enjoyed it. And you wake at 3 a.m.???? Well then we should eat!!!!

    Cheers!!!!! - Leah
  16. trikefreak

    trikefreak Smoke Blower

    Yes, since I was out of high school, I've been a 3-4 am person, people think I'm weird.............

    Here in Kansas, we don't have many choices for good seafood. I've lived in California, and have come to really enjoy any seafood I can find, even if I have to pay premium prices to have it delivered. Some of the local markets have frozen calamari and gator, and folks can't resist asking me questions when I buy it :)
  17. It is so fun meeting another morning person Trikefreak!

    And I share your palate for alligator indeed! (Have posted two threads on that one recently too actually).

    Thanksgiving week for me was smoked frogs' legs, then oysters & clams (I posted a video of the oysters and clams, I just remembered, where I also teach people how to open Champagne with a sword) and then I smoked alligator some days later, and thus have been "EATING" my way through this holiday start indeed! Smiles.

    But, that is what the season is for, right?

    And so, it's nice to know that someone appreciates my zany videos or "morning energy." I'm so often frustrated at that hour, wondering, "Where is everyone? How come the stores are not open and the world is not UP???"

    Too funny. OK, enough of all me listing my meals. Just know that your taste in food is indeed shared! Your California days must have yielded some amazing fish!

    Happy new week! Cheers! - Leah
  18. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    MMMM, love Coippino! With the subzero temps I think a big pot of that will be in order this weekend!
  19. Me too Dirtsailor! And they sure make great cioppino in your part of the country!!!! Happy new week!!! Cheers!!!!! - Leah
  20. karzapart55

    karzapart55 Fire Starter

    Hi Leah,Going shopping for my calamari and salmon. I noticed you smoked them very hot. Any suggustions  about  a MES smoker?  Im afraid that lower temp will make them rubbery.  Thanks!