Cajun Catfish, Cheesy Cayenne Grits, & Shrimp Cocktail Salad (Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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The menu around here can be difficult at times. Tracy is allergic to chicken, can't stand anything that swims, can take some pork or turkey once in a while, and is not a big fan of lamb. That pretty much leaves beef most of the time. When she goes out with friends I tend to indulge in stuff that I cannot cook when she's here for dinner. She went out not long ago and I decided on seafood. Never had shrimp and grits (had both but never together) so that was my first thought. Got the shrimp out but really wanted shrimp cocktail, which is one of my absolute favorite things in the world. Loved the idea of incorporating the cheesy cayenne grits though so got a catfish filet out also so here's what I finally decided on.

Steam the shrimp a couple hours in advance so it can cool in the fridge before dinner. Peeled, veins removed, and into the steamer.

8 large shrimp done and ready to chill

Cook the grits, add the cayenne and cheddar

Cajun seasoning on the catfish

Into a screaming hot CI skillet on the grill with a little butter

From here I cut up a basic salad and made some cocktail sauce. That was simple. Just ketchup and extra spicy horseradish mixed up. Was as good or better than any cocktail sauce I've ever had. Put the shrimp cocktail salad together and plated dinner.

I am a seafood junkie and had been missing out. This was absolutely fantastic!! I think that was a two-part rationale though. One was that the dinner was pretty darned good. The other was that I was craving something like this and it hit the spot big time!! Tracy is headed out tomorrow evening to pick up her monthly wine selections from one of the memberships she has so guess what I'm cooking for dinner again :emoji_wink: Got the shrimp and catfish vac sealed in the freezer and it's ready to go. P.S. we are looking at rain all week so I'm doing a bit of catching up here. Thanks for taking a look and we'll see y'all on the next one.

Love the idea of the cheesy grits with the catfish! Nice work Robert! This will be on my dinner table real soon!
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Whoa, what a cook, I never in my life thought I'd be seeing you post a fish dinner! I suffer from the exact opposite problem Robert, Jan eats fish and chicken, never had a cut of beef, pork, or lamb in her life, tho she loves burgers. What a beautiful plate, big Like amigo! RAY
Sounds and looks amazing! Sometimes it good to be able to indulge in things when the wife is away!

Robert, I think we are in the same boat. Our wives seem to have the same tastes and very difficult to cook for. I love sea food and that dinner you whipped up looks fantastic. That would satisfy any craving. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy your cooks.
Looks great, Robert!
I don't care for fish myself (unless it's deep fried with fries and tarter sauce at a pub). The Mrs. likes Salmon and Tuna.
We don't do seafood much but we both can tear up a plate of shrimp cocktail!
Ketchup and Horseradish is as good as anything you can buy....

Man does that look great Robert. I'll be having grits for the first time in about two weeks when we visit my daughter. Again, Fantastic meal!!!

Point for sure
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Looks Awesome, Robert!!
Love the Shrimp, and Catfish has always been my Favorite Eating Fish!!!
Nice Job!

Have never actually had catfish but that looks darn good. I'm afraid I wouldn't get any of the shrimp because wife is crazy over it. Anytime we go out it is shrimp, fried ,broiled , steamed you name it.
Well we know that CPB is happy with Tracis food preferences!! Lol. That catfish and shrimp look killer good. I’d especially love that catfish.
Looking great Robert! Love how the catfish came out. Next time you make the cocktail sauce add some salsa to it. Really lays on some texture. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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