Butts, Chicken and Sausage

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Original poster
Jan 22, 2006
Arnold, MD
My brother's birthday is tomorrow, so my job is to smoke two butt for some pulled pork samiches. I decided to also smoke some italian sausage to freeze for my next batch of chili. Those got done, so I decided to smoke a fatty. Couldn't think of what to cook for dinner, so I grabbed the chicken out of the fridge and decided to smoke that up too. Have been smoking since 830 this morning. Here's some shots of how things are progressing.
8:30pm now. Butts are in foil now. I'll pull them off in a bit as they'll have to cool to go in the fridge. Will heat them up in the crock pot tomorrow. I tasted a piece and it's good. :-)

One's done in Durkee Chicken and Rib rub. The other in Stubb's Barbecue Spice Rub. I'll see how they turn out. They smell really good. I just hope my stupid chicken gets done!
Hey, I used to spend summers in Stevensville, grew up in Catonsville…love the eastern shore, spent six summers working in OC, MD.
Boy, Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]d like to get my hands on that butt…twins even!
Looks scrumdiddlyumptious!
Now whereâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s that chicken?
And, howâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s the crabs this year? Mmmmmm!
Carl, Small world. I'm on the west side of the bay bridge, but we sometimes seek refuge on the Eastern Shore. I love MD. I'm doing my part to make it smell good. (i.e. like hickory)

It's a little weird with you guys all looking at my butt(s).
Looking good ....nice bark on those butts ... Now I have to go hunt something down to smoke. perhaps a brisket if I can find one

man was this stuff good. I pulled the Durkee butt earlier today and that's what we ate. Didn't get to the other as the guest list had shrunk by the time we got there. Got good reviews though. My wife and I enjoyed the chef's choice of burnt ends off the butts. I love smoking!
Here are pics of how the pork turned out. The kentucky starne's sauce was hands down the favorite and is perfect with the pork. I did really also enjoy the kc style sweet sauce that I'd whipped up.

I pulled the stubb's rubbed butt out of the cooler about 30 mins ago just to pull it and get it in the fridge so I can get to sleep! It was about 145 degrees still after about 7 hours in the cooler. They are both good rubs, but I prefer the sweetness of the Durkee Chicken and Rib Rub. I also had heated the Durkee butt in the crock pot with some stubb's marinade. With the drippings, that made a great topping/finishing sauce for the pork we ate tonight.

For dinner we had baby backs my brother did, my butt, smoked sausage, burgers, potato salad, homemade slaw (great on the samiches), and some other fruit and crap that I didn't get close to. I'm tired and have to get to bed. A lot of cooking rewarded by smiles and my overly full belly!
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