Butcher block refinish?

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I use this

Premium 100% Pure Food Grade Mineral Oil USP, 1 Gallon, Food Safe Butcher Block and Cutting Board Oil, NSF Certified Material​

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since this thread was bumped, what would proper technique for a wood pizza peel? sand, wet, sand then what finish product?
what would proper technique for a wood pizza peel? sand, wet, sand then what finish product?
Same Cliff . Mineral oil or one of the cutting board oils .
Boos , Howards or cheap mineral oil is all about the same . The cutting boards oils will add beeswax to the mineral oil .

I just had to re do my wood peel . Kids washed it and let it sit wet . Damn thing cupped up , so I had to split it in twoo and reglue it . Sand and board oil .
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I wouldn't put a finish on a pizza peel, I have works around some amazing pizza chef's and not one of their peels were finished, there must be a reason for that.

As for the mineral oil, it's cheaper at the drug store than it is at the hardware store. Look for it near the laxatives, not joking, most grocery store have it as well.
Got the last board done. Not perfect but pretty good - I think someone pounded out some chicken precasts with a waffle type meat mallet before my time….lots of little dark spots.
Looks good .
.lots of little dark spots.
Looks like hard Maple . Those spots could be in the wood itself .
I'd use the Butcher block conditioner on that one . The beeswax fills any knife marks / cracks , and keep the moisture out of hard to clean places .
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