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Jun 20, 2006
Long Beach, California
Okay, I have to get this off my chest. I recently went to Vegas and while going through several buffets I tried a few pieces of Brisket.

Don't get me wrong, if you are learning to do Brisket, keep working till your family or target audience loves it.

1. If your meat is gray. you did something wrong
2. If when you cut it, there is no pink ribbon around the meat. there may be a problem
3. Good brisket does not need sauce.
4. Good brisket at my house will almost slice if you yell at it. TOUGH meat is not good meat.
5. You should be able to smell a smokyness to the meat. Not the bad stuff more of a flavor thing. (I can not explain it, but if you get it, You know you did it right.)
6. You cook a Brisket over the weekend and bring a little to work to let a friend sample and they eat it all. Your Brisket is good.
7. When it is done, you can push a thermometer through the brisket with no resistance.
8. Your friends come running when they smell smoke thinking there is more brisket being cooked. You can brag!
9. If you can go into any restaurant and order brisket that is better than yours, You need to practice more.

I am sorry, I hate to go into a restaurant and be given some boiled meat and told it is BBQ brisket.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Have a nice day.
I'm still workin on my brisket as I have had little to no experince in trimming or selecting the right cut. I researched the web for mops recipces. And hope to try a number of Ideas to master the art of brisket. My cow has a 4 rack rowtisourie and propane fired. whats the heat setting for a 7lb-10lb and time per hour for lb?
I always think 1.5 hours per pound. I don't cook by time thought, it is the temp that I go by. I also keep the chamber temp 220 - 240 degress.
I'd like to add that no two briskets will cook the same. About a month ago I had a 12# and 14# brisket on the smoker. I just assumed that the 12# would finish first. Not even close! The 14# came off 2hrs before the 12# and there really isn't a "hot" spot in my smoker.(there is but when I checked it the temp was too close to really make a difference)

You really must go by meat temp, not time. And you must let the meat do the work, once it "gives up" you'll have a nice, juicy, tender brisket.

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