brisket, fatty, ABTs, & hotdogs

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Nov 21, 2006
Waco, TX
here is the brisket, ABT's, the fatty, and the hotdogs i smoked today. also the banana pudding my wife made.




the pics of the brisket done, and one of the fatty done and sliced. the fatty pic sucks- i couldn't get a good one to save my life tonight. i took like 4 pics and kept the best one.



looks good enough to eat to me, thats all that matters! i think imma smoke some pork chops tomorrow and a stuffed fatty for sunday dinner :)

That looks like some seriously good eating.

Banana pudding sounds very interesting. Care to share her recipe?

How long do you keep the hot dogs in?
first time to smoke hotdogs. i left them in for 2 hours. she used a banana pudding recipe off the 'net. i will have to get the link for ya. the hotdogs had a bit of smoke flavor. i think next time i do some, i will poke a few holes with a fork in them. here is the link, but this is not the real way to make banana pudding, you are supposed to cook it. this a recipe to use if you are in a hurry.
Thank YOu Chris!!! I needed a pix fix! Nice job!!!

I have "meat on the brain" and at first look........well, it looked like you sliced sausage and put on top of that pudd'n(cookies .....I know). But right now sausage sounds good on anything!!!

I'm hurt'n man! Thanks for the pics!
Chris that looks fantastic! I wish I would have taken the pics of the briskets I did a few days ago. Nuthin left but a few small slices and maybe enough chopped point for a small sammie. Had brisket, pulled pork, and pork loin. But yours looks great and makes me hungry again.

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