Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition

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Jun 5, 2009
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So I finally made up my mind & went with the Brinkmann horizontal smoker. I just like the horizontals. Unforunatley it's not as well built as I had hoped!! It is a good gauge but there are so MANY leaks in the firebox it smokes more than the stack!! The stock gauge is off by almost 50. Then I have to keep the firebox damper all the way close just to try & keep it at 300:( not happy at all:(
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Sorry to hear that man. The last offset smoker I owned was a tiny $89.00 piece of junk Char-Broil that I bought from Lowes and I pretty much had the same experience. I took the thing to the landfill after just one cook. Words can't describe what a hunk of junk that cooker was. I only have myself to blame though. I don't know what I was expecting from an $89 smoker in the first place. 
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Not sure if you have seen this thread - but it is filled with many modifications from past and present SMF members that will also work with your Brinkman I believe.

Also, my CGSP was full of leaks with factory holes and I used Rutlands 500º high heat silicone sealant to seal many of these leaks. For me it is a must have in stock product; some place, some where I think I have used it on each smoker and on bbq grills.

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Sorry your disappointed with the Brinkmann. As Mossy said there are a lot of mods you can do to make it better.

Became a member today! Yea! I got the same 89 dollar smoker Cabin Fever got, Should I not even waste my time?

sounds like it to me...Scandall

I can afford a better smoker, any input on which ones are good?
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Hey Terry - you are really starting to get serious here LOL - Try the sealant Mossy suggested and it should help a lot
Thanks for the tip on the caulk. I got my TMLE this past weekend and my son & I put it together Sunday. We used the caulk whereever tow parts went together with a hole as we assembled it and the results were very good when we lit the curing fire. Fairly easy to assemble and a big step up from my little Char-Grill $99 side box smoker. While it was always too small and took a lot of baby sitting to keep the temps even, we used it for 7 years and put a lot of butts and ribs through it. We put it out on the swale Sunday afternoon as Monday was bulk trash pickup up day and it didn't last an hour. Someone claimed it and I'm kinda glad it will still be getting some use from someone. I've got a nice 11 pound butt in the fridge that was just dry-rubbed and it'll go on the new grill Friday morning to do the first test run.

The curing fire was a good lesson on how much better it holds heat than that little CG, looking forward to Friday.

TurfGuy, how did it do????

I'm looking at moving on up to the BTLE from my Kenmore wet smoker. The Home Depot's discontinued it, so I have to make a decision soon.

Tom in MD
It did awesome. I'm glad we got the heads up and caulked all the seams when putting it together as it only leaked a little smoke around the door lid. The 11 lb butt came out so great the following week we did a smaller 9.5 lb butt, 2 St Louis ribs and 3 baby backs. The photo was taken after the butt had been on for about 4.5 hours and the ribs were just put on. We love it.

Thanks for the info, AND the mouth-watering photo!  It's a beautiful thing.

And thanks MossyMo for the scoop on the high-heat sealant.  Looks like that makes all the difference.
Hey TurfGuy,

I was wondering if you've had luck finding a good quality cover for your smoker - I recently bought this smoker as a gift for the man in my life.... but wanted to get a cover to go with it.... figured I'd ask.

Turfguy, when you unpacked you're Brinkmann Trailmaster was the lid a little bent?  Just picked one up at home depot and the barrel and lid were bent a little bit.  Wondering if I should take that back...
Hey smonkinhot. I use to have the same smoker ( I started the thread ) the guys from brinkmann said this it the cover number?

The cover to order is item number 812-2100-0 and can be ordered on line through our website.  

I never got it so I can't swear to it?  There were MANY things wrong with mine even after doing some mods to it? I was going through a bag of charcoal every 2-3 hours with all the vents completely closed? There were numerous air leaks between the door & smoking chamber. I tried the sealant but it wasn't near thick enough? I was able to keep it for 2 months & smoked alot in it but it never got better for me? Looks like Jonny's having good luck though?

O well at least I was able to get my money back. I'll be using it to get WSM 18.5 hopfully this weekend
I have not searched for one yet. I may make one myself using green canvas to match some other covers I have on my patio.

I'm not turfguy, but yes mine was exactly the same. The floor model was also the same. That's why I opted for a new in the box one. I thought it wouldn't be bent. I was wrong!
Thanks realtorterry, I appreciate the help. 

I've been searching for for the last few days and hadn't had much luck. 

I'll definitely check it out! :) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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