Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition

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Has anyone has anyone found a need to replace the ashtray pan in their firebox yet?  Mine is severely rusted out and i cannot find any replacement online since they are no longer in business.  
ok so i finally got to getting my new smoker ready for action.    I have it siliconed, the door toggle clamps, firebox and cook chamber gaskets and bbqsmokermods baffle plate kit.        I see they sell an exhaust extension to bring the stack down to the grates but they say don't use if you have a baffle plate installed you don't need them.    

Do you all find that to be true?   You don't want to extend the stack down to grates with a baffle?

Also i have a face cord of hickory.  do i really need to go thru the hassle of chunking it downing small piece and building a mesh box for the firebox?   Is it just going to be too hard to regulate temps or something running full pieces of split wood is that why everyone runs a box?
I didn't use an extension, I used a thin sheet metal tray and sealed the whole exhaust end to the great level. Even with a baffle plate it ensures the smoke stays at great level it also helps with uniformity
As far as the wood, 2 thoughts came to mind, 1st temp control could be an issue that stuff burns hot and if your fire box isn't sealed good it will get away from you, 2nd hickory is a strong wood I would use charcoal for heat source and just add small chunks for flavor. But that's just my opinion, I've had my TMLE about 5 years, they can be a pain in the arse at times till you figure them out
I recently bought a used TMLE and have been slowly upgrading it. The upgrade fund is a little low so I've been seeing what I can do with 2nd hand parts
Here is my cookie sheet tuning plate that will sit under the lower grates

And here is the scrap wire mesh fire basket that I made...
I recently splurged and bought the CC seal and toggle clamp mod and 2 additional temp gauges.
I have a question regarding the seal, is there an upside or downside to sticking the seal to the door instead of the barrel? Also, is there a specific location to mount the clamps? The biggest gap on the door is halfway up but I've seen most of the clamps mounted at the bottom. Thanks
Hey all....I've owned the Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited for about 5 years now. Cooked a lot of great food on it but it's starting to show it's age. I keep it covered 24/7, but the firebox is showing some major rust. I've sanded and re-painted each spring but I'm afraid after this season it won't be good next spring. I've read a lot of the forums here and I've been looking at the Old Country models. My question is should I spend the $400 on the Pecos which I assume is very similar to the BTLE, or pony up the extra cash for the Brazos model? Any thoughts or input is welcome, thanks!!
Hi all, new to the forum and somewhat new to smoking (I’ve done maybe 10 smokes). I have a TMLE and am kicking around the idea of making it a reverse flow smoker by relocating the smoke stack. I have 1/4” tuning plates without holes in them already that would act as the duct, I would just push them all tight together. I think the idea of RF has merit and a lot of the really high end smokers are RF. Has anyone done this to a TMLE or OJ Longhorn? Any thoughts or arguements either way?
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