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  1. andymc123

    New here

    Hi all - I am new to this site, but not a rookie. Not an expert, but not a rookie either. I am pretty good with my Weber kettle and cheap off-set Brinkmann Pitmaster Deluxe. I found this vertical Brinkmann Smoke'n Pit smoke king for $20 and just had to have it. Looking forward to learning...
  2. R

    Brinkmann Cimarron or Old Trailmaster? Not Sure

    Update from the below. Looks like this might be an old Trailmaster 855-6300-0. Still looks like it may be a 1/4" unit. When I looked at the manual though it appears as though everything (damper etc) on the newer Trailmasters was on the opposite side and had different tags. This has the same...
  3. ryan in louisville

    Brinkmann Southfork smoker for sale

    Brinkmann Southfork smoker with upgrades. This is not a flimsy Walmart smoker, it weighs about 600 lbs. I have added bushings and grease zerks to the big wheels to make it roll easier. I also added casters and a hook to help load it because it. I made a charcoal basket and heat diffuser too...
  4. RyanMoore

    Wish list

    Firedial, smoke n sear , 3 or 4 rolls of lavalock gasket , lavalock 18" door for wsm , cajun banit ×5 along with rotisserie, lavalock reverse flow baffle for a pitmaster . 2 fire baskets =all things I really really need!!! Lol. Ps 3 weber performer covers and 7 22" Weber covers also...
  5. boardgames4bbq

    WSM 18 or 22?

    So 7 years ago I purchased a Brinkmann Gourmet charcoal smoker and heavily modified it. IMG_20170520_062819427.jpg by boardgames4bbq posted Aug 3, 2017 at 8:41 AM Last weekend I noticed after cleaning up, that the cooking chamber and charcoal pan had developed holes from rust. I have convinced...
  6. djjubbajubba

    Brinkmann stillwater

    I recently picked up an old Brinkmann Stillwater off of FB for 100 bucks. I feel like a thief for that price. This thing is in great condition besides a little bit of rust. I’m restoring it and started a YouTube series if anyone’s interested. First video- Second video- Does anyone still...
  7. S

    Brinkmann sidewinder

    Hey folks, had anyone heard of a brinkmann sidewinder? I cant seem to find any info on it.
  8. W

    Need Advice for First Smoke

    Hi all, new member here. I've been enjoying reading the posts and I'm finally going to take the plunge and try smoking some fish this weekend. My wife bought me a Brinkmann Smoke-n-Grill bullet style smoker, and a coworker recently dropped off a 15 lb chinook salmon. I butchered the salmon and...