Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition

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Finally found one in the KC area that wasn't bent, had to go to 3 different Home Depot stores.  The first one was really bent, must have been damaged in shipping.
Sorry you are disappointed.  Having said that, there are very few smokers out there that are good to go out of the box.  Tinkering with them to get them working right is not only half the fun, but it is also where we learn a lot about smoking.  Work with it a bit and consider it a fun experiment.  I bet you can get some good smokes from that unit.  Like with any hobby, each new toy just seems to be the first step to the next and more expensive one, though.  LOL

Good luck and good smoking.
I just purchased the Trailmaster LE and finally the weather broke and I was able to assemble yesterday.  I didn't have any issues with bent parts except for the ash drawer for the firebox is a little bent, no big deal though.  The curing process was really good to understand heat control.  I did discover small smoke leaks from the lid.  I read where someone did a gasket mod on the lid which I am going to check into.  I think the cover listed above is for the SnP, which is what comes up every time I do a search for that part number.  I am going to call Brinkmann this morning and I'll post the results.  Well here is a pic of my baby all together.

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Thanks for the tip on the caulk. I got my TMLE this past weekend and my son & I put it together Sunday. We used the caulk whereever tow parts went together with a hole as we assembled it and the results were very good when we lit the curing fire. Fairly easy to assemble and a big step up from my little Char-Grill $99 side box smoker. While it was always too small and took a lot of baby sitting to keep the temps even, we used it for 7 years and put a lot of butts and ribs through it. We put it out on the swale Sunday afternoon as Monday was bulk trash pickup up day and it didn't last an hour. Someone claimed it and I'm kinda glad it will still be getting some use from someone. I've got a nice 11 pound butt in the fridge that was just dry-rubbed and it'll go on the new grill Friday morning to do the first test run.

The curing fire was a good lesson on how much better it holds heat than that little CG, looking forward to Friday.

I hope one day I can have a patio filled with the awesomeness that you have.  Hope you get you problem resolved!
I just bought the TMLE. I was wodering, when not smoking, does anyone ever grill burgers etc. over the firebox grates, or would you still use the grates in the cooking chamber? I just sold my Brinkmann Smoke King & it was really only good for smoking even though it said it could grill as well. This question is for anyone who cares to reply.
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Someone responded to me & I was told that I could use the firebox for direct heat grilling for smaller grilling needs or still use the cooking chamber (either way). So, their you go!
Someone responded to me & I was told that I could use the firebox for direct heat grilling for smaller grilling needs or still use the cooking chamber (either way). So, their you go!
I use the Firebox grill quite often, works really well even though it's not that big.  I will sometimes use this part to sear chicken right before eating.  Sunday it used only the FB grate to grill up some Beef Tenderloins, turned out great.  The manual says you can use the main cooking area for grilling also by putting coals in the lower grates.  I have avoided that for now not wanting any ash in my smoking chamber.
Got a 9 lb. butt rubbed along with 3 racks of baby backs and a store-bought pre-rubbed spare rib rack I'm throwin on the smoker tomorrow. I'll make some pics and upload as we go. Looking forward to eating well.
OK, the butt went on at 6:30 AM, the ribs at 11:30 and out of the smoker at 2:30. Then wrapped in foil and into the oven for 3 hours at 240 degrees. They tasted really good. This is the butt after 3 hours.
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