Brand new MES 30 .. should I go to the trouble to return it or just adjust my temps?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by atexanfan, Mar 1, 2014.

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    The mes is known for being off temp. returning it may get one even worse, i just learned that my MES 40 runs around 20 degrees colder than it says and have adjusted to that,
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  3. That's closer than my mes 30 is loaded with meat.

    I thought about returning it, but I'm just going to go by my maverick probe and let her rip.
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    Is your thermometer probe placed in the same spot as the smokers sensor?
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    Bottom left ......
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    As long as the temp. stays consistent, no spikes or drops I would just put my therm. probe in the same area as the food I'm smoking and go with that.
  7. Call MasterBuilt and give them your info , they will send you a new controller in about 4 weeks ( new design - new programming). I returned the MES 30 ( exchanged ) mine and got one just as bad. I called MB and also sent them a email about the issue and they are aware of the problem and working on a fix.

  8. I just got my MES 30 the other days, seasoned and started a pork shoulder before i realized mine was having the same temp issues.  Its just like Chew's and yours in that it reads ~20 degrees higher than i measure.  

    Did any of your guys ever get your replacement controllers and did that actually solve the problem?  
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    Sooner or later MB will wake up and face reality and produce digital smoker that is as accurate as a $60.00 thermometer. It would be different and acceptable if the smoker was analog with inherent and well known temperatures. But for a digital that is supposed to be accurate and is not seems unacceptable to me. Or maybe the problems are few and far between and only those with a bad unit post. It would be refreshing to read positive posts.
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  10. Amazing isn't it?  I agree that most with bad units will post and it semi-skews the data BUT I am positive MB just plain puts out a crappy product with no regard to quality.  I'd love to see MB's data on returns and the cost associated with those returns/replacements.  10% is an accepted rate of return in my "retail" world and I would bet that MB has a MUCH higher rate.  

    Having been one of the people that said "ohhhh this smoker looks nice and its ONLY $$$"  then found out I wasted that $$$ I just have NO love for MB.......none at all.  

    My dad was right "You get what you pay for son.....spend a little more on a quality product or you will spend more on crap in the long run" .

    And it aggravates me that people that buy a MB have to MOD and redesign the damn smokers just to make them work.....oh and to have to make your own repairs when they send you new parts.  Ugh

    Soapbox mode off (for now)

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    Ah, the soapbox. Necessary at times. If you ever get the time watch the MB smoker presentations on QVC. Perfect food EVERY time. Presentations last 30 or more minutes. Very slick and I'll wager that many buy based upon watching live or googling MBvideos.
  12. It's amazing to me how many still buy them AFTER reading of all the issues on THIS site!!  

  13. Well i'm glad i brought back up such a can of worms however i did not stumble upon this site till after i received mine as a gift.  So while i understand your complaints, i'm really hoping someone who actually owns one can comment if their replacement controller fixed the issue.  
  14. I DID actually own one.  A Gen 1 MES 30.   Here's the can get a new controller but it's an are going to get fluctuations in temp.....and it WILL NOT stay at a steady (insert temp here).  That's the nature of the beast.  A new controller won't hurt but I am not sure it will fix the issue of it being off. 

  15. I will add this as well.....

    You have an Electric (Like me) so really there is not much need to worry about smoker temp at all.  If you know what your smoker is set for and what a trusted Therm say then you can get it all in the ballpark.  Cook to Internal Temp and ALL will be fine.  I smoke all the time and I never worry about smoker temp.   IT tells me when the meat is done.  Just a thought.

  16. Ok, this is what I know. The MES gen 1 is not accurate. It has different temps at each level. Like most electric smokers and ovens they have set points they heat and go over the set point then it cools till it hits the next point then it heats again. My electric oven does the same thing. I had Masterbuilt send me a new controller and it was no better, it's just the design. They could have designed it with a PID controller and it would keep in within several degrees either way. That would not have cost them 20.00 dollars per unit. It cost me 140.00 for a Auber PID. I have since found cheaper units .(as low as 20.00)  I place my probe on the rack I am using and have no swings in temp.   Your mileage may vary but that's my take on the MEB.   jted

     As a after thought the Masterbuilt is just a hot box and when the box is used with a AMPS it smokes pretty good. With a AMPS it smokes well. Replacement burners are not expensive and the wiring issues are repaired when you  wire it for the Auber PID. You just replace the common spade terminals with high temp ones. 

    The only precise part of a electric smoker is the controller and the type they use is not all that great.
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    Listen, you know how many folks on this board use a MES30/40, and of all those people only a few have problems. AND those that do if they would call Masterbuilt customer service would probably have their smoker fixed or replaced. Masterbuilts CSR's are probably as good as you can find in the country.

    You must realize, you are buying the cheapest unit available, and it still has the horns and whistles. If you go to the autoparts store and buy a thermstat for your car it costs almost as mucjh as this entire smoker. If you want guaranteed high quality, pay for NASA pays for theur electronics. If you have a problem call Masterbuilt and I will almost guaranty you they will solve it.

    I have a MES30 never had a problem, liked it so much I just bought a MES40, I had a problem with it today. So I called, they are sending me a replacement unit probably day after tomorrow. NOW thats service.

    Remember you never hear the people with good experiences, only those who didn't have one for one reason or another. All of mine so far have been excellent. I highly recommend them, and if you have a problem instead of trying to work on it yourself under the shade tree, call the factory. If you had a new car and it didn't work would you start tearing the engine out or call the dealership? There are loads of folks here with good experiences with the MES. We just don't normally stand up and say it.

    I suggest you call the factory, they will point you in the right direction. You'll need your Md. number, Serial number, and here is their phone number (800) 489-1581. If you don't have the reciept I am sure someone can still help you.

    Please keep us advised as to your outcome. I think you'll be pleasantly surprized.

    OK, here's the soapbox back. Oh BTW I don't work for or sell MES smokers....LOL I just like mine.
  18. I finally got my replacement temp controller today, after a 6 month wait, i will post as soon as I install it and verify the temps. Hope this (new design) and new logic will solve the issues with temps being all over the place.
  19. To all MES owners. Do not let my opinions suggest that I don't like the Gen 1 smokers. They cook good at a affordable price. Prior to my smoker dying at 6 months (Masterbuilt replaced it with a new one)  mine did well after I realized that It had different temps at each level. I learner how to use it. (thick meat on the bottom and thin on top)  Use a thermometer and learn to manage your cook. BBQ smoked meat can and will survive temp swings. The reason I went to a PID controller was a personal one. I wanted to  have total control of the cook. That is my problem. I must say the end product is not any different tasting than with the Masterbuilt controller. But I feel better about the cook and that is what I want.  Had I been cooking on a different smoker I would have similar things to manage.(cooking temp and its swing). Even stick burners have spikes and different temps across the length of the cooker.(at least the ones I have used).    Jted

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