Bradley Original 4 rack smoker wiring diagram

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Original poster
Aug 31, 2022
Bradley Original 4 rack smoker wiring diagram required.
I installed a 900W heater too close to the back of the cabinet, got too hot and blew the thermal fuse, burnt the wiring and I need info on the button object in the circuit, overtemp switch?, that extends into the back wall of the cabinet so that I can re-wire this smoker. I have all the info for the parts except for this item.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Herb,

Hope you are still around. I just joined, but I have some of the information you need.

The round button in the back of the smoker is the temperature sensor. In order to get to the thermal cutout, you need to remove the back. You will find the cutout is a small tube that is held against the back inside wall of the smoker by a clip, which if I remember correctly is screwed to the wall. It is soldered to the wiring, and will need to be unsoldered, with a replacement soldered in it's place. The trick, of course, is soldering the new one in without melting the fuse. When I did the 900W upgrade to mine, I replaced the 10A version that Bradley supplied with a 15A one (along with replacing the wiring with heaver gauge ceramic insulated wire) as a preventative measure. I likely used a hemostat between where I soldered and the fuse body as a heat sink, and soldered quickly. I don't recall offhand the temperature rating, but it is printed on the cutout itself. I would not go higher temperature, as it is protecting the foam thermal insulation of the cabinet.
Thanks! I eventually cleaned the parts enough to read the numbers on them and purchased the parts on Amazon. All is good now... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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